The Bell started its published life in 2007, when a bunch of keen writing students, in grades five and six, asked to produce and publish a school magazine. They discovered putting together a magazine was a lot of work, but – supported by Mr Foley and the teachers of this school – they made it happen through their drive and dedication.  

The Bell continues its story at Eltham North. Every year a new group of students step up to make certain that our magazine grows, improves and caters for the reading enjoyment of students at Eltham North.

In 2012, The Bell team gained its official school badge. These badges marked an important milestone in the story of our school’s magazine, acknowledging all the students, past, present and future, who commit their time and talents to this magazine. 

The Bell Magazine team work all year on many items to produce the school magazine. The team put 100% into the magazine and hope you will enjoy reading it.  

Recent times has seen the magazine evolve to become an online presence. 

To give you a taste of the 'The Bell' production click on the following story:

Home – by Joy.

I have two nationalities.

Australian and Dutch

When I was small,

This confused me very much

Back then I thought

that Australia was the whole world,

and the Netherlands was another state.

So when I first went to Holland,

all my questions began to unfurl.

It just doesn’t make sense

Where do I truly belong?

I have family here and there

These questions were unanswered for not-so-very long.

But when we landed in Australia,

I thought, where is my true home?

Is it here? Is it there?

Or is it between the two that I roam?

but I seem to have answered,

my question by myself.

In my opinion home is where there are those I love,

and nowhere else.

home is a place

I may leave for a period of time,

but my heart will stay loyal to,

for all of eternity

P.S. We encourage submissions from other students. Work can be given to either Joy or Aidan from Year 6.