Child Safety

Children have the right to be safe and protected, including at school.      

Registered schools and other child-related organisations have an important responsibility for keeping children safe. Most organisations already take steps to protect children from abuse. 

The child safe standards strengthen existing approaches to preventing and responding to child abuse and aim to create a culture where protecting children from abuse is part of everyday thinking and practice. 

Child abuse, and arrangements that allow it to occur, will not be tolerated. All schools have to meet a minimum standard of care, safety and welfare of students. The seven Child Safe Standards assist schools to meet all aspects of the duty of care to all students. Below are our policies that enable us to provide an excellent duty of care to all our students.

Policies for parent interest:

1~8 Risk Management                                      1~9  Safety & Security                                      1~18 Bushfire Preparedness

3~02  Bullying and Harassment                      3~03  School Behaviour Management           3~13  Duty of Care   

3~14 Supervision of Students                         5~14  ICT                                                            5~27  School Philosophy

5~32 Professional Development                     5~35  Excursions                                               5~38 Student Welfare programs

6~9  Police Records                                         6~12 Volunteers                                                7~3 Anaphylaxis

7~5  Critical Incidents                                      7~7  Accident Register                                     7~8 First Aid