Choir and Rock Band

The Eltham North Choir is divided into two sections, junior choir which is prep to 3 and show choir, which is years 4 to 6.  Rehearsals are at lunchtime in the Music Centre and have a team of inspiring teachers leading students to singing and perform to their best ability.

Eltham North Choirs looks for opportunities to perform with the school culture and abroad.  Over the last three years the choir and has performed and movie nights School fundraisers the Nillumbik Choral Festival and even at events in federation square.   The music coordinator Shaun Joseph helps students explore the art of singing using a balance of traditional and current music styles. Every student immensely enjoys their experience especially the opportunity to perform in front of up to 1000 people.

Rock Band

Students have the opportunity to perform contemporary songs in a band situation.  The band is made up of guitarists, bass player, drummer and vocalists. The group rehearse once a week, learning how to work together and to learn and perform the latest hits. The students are encouraged to learn the songs from memory so that they can concentrate on the performance side of music.