From the Principal

Avoid including food in lunches that would normally be kept in the refrigerator, especially during the summer months.

When preparing school lunches avoid perishable foods which have just been cooked or warmed, such a hamburgers or boiled eggs. Such foods should be cooled in the refrigerator before being used in lunches.

 Discard any leftovers and do not reuse.

Healthy Eating Survey

Thank you to more 150 parents who completed the survey on line. The Health Education team have started collating the data and will present it back to the community in coming weeks.  An audit of children’s breakfasts and lunchboxes will be conducted over coming weeks so we can gain an idea of the range of foods children eat during the school day. This information, together with parent and teacher survey feedback will assist us to better support development of policy and educational programs in Healthy Eating and to tune our Out of School Care program, PFA special lunches and special events plans for 2016.

 School Uniform

A reminder about the ‘compulsory component of our school uniform’.

 It is compulsory for students to wear school colours (bottle green and gold) and families are strongly encouraged to purchase school uniform with the Eltham North Logo through the uniform shop. The uniform should consist of a combination of items with the predominant colours being bottle green and gold. Any modifications to school uniform other than adjustment for proper fit are unacceptable.

 The ENPS broad-brimmed Sun Smart hat is a compulsory uniform item whenever students are outside during term 1 & 4. Expressed another way … children cannot wear ‘other coloured hats, caps or styles of hats’.  Commencing Thursday 29 October, students without a school hat will be directed to, and must remain in the Atrium and Rest a While shaded area. 

 The policy on School Uniform can be found on the school website under the section “Our School’ see policies and reports along with all other school policies. The uniform shop is open next Wednesday 28 October between 8.30 – 9.30 am.