Get Your Arts On Day!

We had another very successful Performing Arts Day today for the year 3 – 6 students.  Workshops were conducted throughout the day by performers. Here is a summary of the workshops that children visited.

Dancehall – Cat Pwiti

Taught easy to follow Dancehall steps created on the streets of Jamaica! Children combined these steps to form a full dance routine that allowed them to express themselves as individuals as well as move together in unison and create a positive, fun, and energetic vibe with authentic Dancehall flavour.

Hip Hop Dance – Lerato Masiyane

The Hip Hop dance workshop taught the young people a quick hip hop routine. Starting with a warm up to get the kids familiar with doing the hip hop steps then the tutor taught them a routine.

Body Percussion – Peter Vadiveloo

"Peter Vadiveloo got groove into the body. Peter ran a fun body percussion workshop – clap, slap, pat, stamp, bang!”

HIP HOP/ RAP/ BEAT BOXING – Yung Philly, Kevin Nugara & Babz

The HIP HOP/ RAP/ BEAT BOXING workshops were conducted by Yung Philly, Babz & SpitFire (Kevin) and consist of vocal percussion, rhyming and rapping techniques in which class groups create their own rap/beatbox and share back with a performance in a safe, positive and supportive environment. All material performed and taught was strictly PG.

Singing/ Vocal – Hailey Cramer: Hailey conducted singing workshops, beginning with vocal warm ups and then taught a song.

The Performing Arts team are to be congratulated for their thorough organisation and planning.  A very creative, inspiring and successful experience for the children.