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Mango Drive Fundraiser

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Fete Free-Dress Day: Friday 13th November

Our second Fete Free-Dress Day will be held on Friday 13th November.

Students are invited to wear casual clothes to school on this day. We would like to ask each student to donate one *Lucky Jar* on this day toward our 2016 school fete, please. Lucky Jars not only support our school values to reuse and recycle, but are also lots of fun to create and win!

Creating a *Lucky Jar* is easy. Simply, wash an empty jar from home. Make sure it is completely dry and odour-free before filling it. Fill it with small and inexpensive goodies (some ideas include badges, novelty erasers, bubbles, shoe laces, hair ties, stickers, pencils, crayons, marbles, footy cards, craft items, etc). Decorate the jar if you like, or leave it plain. Pop on the lid and bring it to school on Friday 13th November for Fete Free-Dress Day. It’s that easy!

Remember…the jars need to last until March next year, so please only put non-perishable items in the jar please. We will be holding another Lucky Jar collection early next year and those jars may contain wrapped sweets and chocolate – but for this Term, please keep to non-perishable contents in your Lucky Jar donation. Thank you!

*Lucky Jars* are hugely popular at school fetes and are an inexpensive but fun prize for children. To win a *Lucky Jar* children buy a raffle ticket for $2 and win the jar (and its awesome contents) with the corresponding number. It’s that easy!

We would like to thank all families and students in advance for your kindness, generosity and support of this day and of the 2016 school fete.

Icy Pole Days

Hooray, the warm weather is back! And so are Icy Pole Days! To help students cool down on hot days, we are holding three Icy Pole Days this term:

·        Wednesday 18 November, Wednesday 25 November, and  Wednesday 2 December

Remember to pop the dates in your calendar and $1 in your child’s bag so they can enjoy a refreshing lemonade icy pole this Nov and Dec.

Shopping Tour

With Christmas fast approaching, why not make your shopping time that bit more fun by getting on board the Shopping Tour bus with a bunch of friends!

Saturday 21st November is the date to pop in your diary, with booking details to follow soon, say stay tuned.

Family Weekend Camp at Healesville

Many families from Eltham North Primary headed up to Healesville for the Family Weekend Camp and everyone had a great time. The beautiful weather on Friday and Saturday meant the pool was a favourite for many of the kids, while others chose to exhaust themselves on the jumping pillow!

On Saturday afternoon we ran “relay races” for the children, followed by a scavenger hunt, where the children had to explore the park to find answers to the list of questions they were given – it was great to see their enthusiasm! With the kids thoroughly entertained, the adults were able to relax and get to know each other. As day merged into night, the bonfire was lit, and many a marshmallow was toasted!

Big thanks to Patty Thomson for coordinating this annual event, including the games. Thanks also to Trina Martin and Jenny Flower (and their kids) for putting the scavenger hunt together, and all the Grade 6 girls for running it on the day.

2016 Fete Hamper donations

We have been asked if PFA is still accepting hamper donations. Yes, if you would like to make a donation toward the 2016 Fete Hampers, we will gladly accept your kind gift. Extra hampers will be created with any gifts donated. As the hampers need to last until March next year, please ensure donations are non-perishable. Thank you. We request that any donations be dropped off at the Office please.