Year 5 Seeing the City through Maths Eyes

Seeing the City Through Maths Eyes:  By Orlando Scalzo

Planning an excursion isn’t easy. Ask any one, even the Year 5 Eltham North PS students and they’ll tell you. The children were given a selection of places to go (in the city) and do tasks. They planned where they wanted to go and went there, but planning wasn’t the fun part… the excursion was!! Filled with adventure and fun they travelled all around St Kilda Rd, Flinders St, Swanston St and Collins St. In groups of three they devoured the city while completing fun activities related to maths. Maths really is everywhere!

Here’s what they rated it and what they had to say…..

Anderson, “My favourite part was definitely the fountain” 10/10

Lucas, “I counted 98 bricks on the wall” 9/10

Jordan, “There is 4000 bricks on each pole at the Shrine!” 7/10

Toby, “Fun!” 10/10

Patrick, “A great experience for all students!” 10/10

The Year 5s can’t wait for other ENPS students to hopefully experience this amazing journey and do what they did.

From the Year 5 teachers…..

We are very proud of the Year 5 students. Watching them plan their excursion and then navigate the city to find their locations was wonderful to see. Each group worked cooperatively and collaboratively. The students represented E.N.P.S. perfectly whilst in the city and we were super impressed with their behaviour and enthusiasm. They discovered that Maths really is everywhere we look! Thank you to the wonderful parents, integration aides and student teachers who came along on the day….we couldn’t have done it without you. You are all amazing!