From the Principal

In 2016, teachers return on Wednesday 27th January. Thursday 28th January is the first day for students in years 1 to 6.  On Thursday the Preps only attend for a ‘meet your teacher’ session then on Friday they attend for the morning session only.

New Preps for 2016:  Final Transition visit~ Wednesday 25 November

The children will meet their teacher on this occasion and be in their classroom for the session.  Parents are invited to the library to meet with the leadership team and meet Jenny Klemm who will speak about how Out of School Hour Care program operates.

Transition sessions for all year levels~  Friday 4 December

We have a number of student transition sessions to enable all children to move classrooms and meet their future teacher and spend some time together bonding and getting to know each other. Teachers have been determined for all class groupings in 2016 and to improve our transition process for 2016, students will move to their new classroom and experience ‘meet the teacher’ session on Tuesday 8 December to become familiar will their new setting. 

Parent Helpers Morning Tea:  ~ Tuesday 8 December

We have a special morning tea for volunteer parents. It is a pleasure to talk with parents about their involvement over the course of the year.  We are thankful in the many ways that our community members have been involved in our school – they range from being members of School Council and our project teams like Uniform Shop, OSHC, Education, Marketing, Parents and Friends, and support in Classroom Helpers, Outdoor Education programs and special days.  One of the significant outcomes of the wonderful support of parents is that we further develop a culture of giving in our school.  A spirit of support and helping is contagious.  I know positive values and the support and participation of parents in our school programs, inspires the staff to even greater efforts and quality outcomes for student learning.  You cannot measure this easily, nor can you quantify the results but we do know that many of us are willing to go the extra mile if we know our efforts are valued.  Our volunteers are valued members of our school community and your efforts inspire us all and make Eltham North a great place to be. We look forward to as many parents as possible coming along at 11.00 am.

Curriculum Day ~ Thursday 10 December

Our final planning day for all staff.  No students attend school.

Teachers will use this planning day to set targets, define content, teaching methodology, assessment methods and resources.  All teachers will gain clarity of purpose and direction from the planning session. The ‘Start up’ program will be introduced for the first three weeks of term one as an induction process for students and an opportunity to assess all students at the commencement of the year.

School Uniform: A reminder about the ‘compulsory component of our school uniform’.

 It is compulsory for students to wear school colours (bottle green and gold) and families are strongly encouraged to purchase school uniform with the Eltham North Logo through the uniform shop. The uniform should consist of a combination of items with the predominant colours being bottle green and gold. Any modifications to school uniform other than adjustment for proper fit are unacceptable.

 The ENPSbroad-brimmed Sun Smart hat is a compulsory uniform item whenever students are outside during term 1 & 4. Expressed another way … children cannot wear ‘other coloured hats, caps or styles of hats’.  Students without a school hat will be directed to, and must remain in the Atrium and Rest a While shaded area. 

 The policy on School Uniform can be found on the school website under the section “Our School’ see policies and reports along with all other school policies. The uniform shop is open every Wednesday between 8.30 – 9.30 am.  The shop will also be open for last minute orders and new families on Wednesday 27th January (the day before school starts for 2016) between 2pm and 3pm ONLY