Parent Helpers Morning Tea: ~ Tuesday 8 Dec

We have a special morning tea for volunteer parents. It is a pleasure to talk with parents about their involvement over the course of the year.  We are thankful in the many ways that our community members have been involved in our school – they range from being members of School Council and our project teams like Uniform Shop, OSHC, Education, Marketing, Parents and Friends, and support in Classroom Helpers, Outdoor Education programs and special days.  One of the significant outcomes of the wonderful support of parents is that we further develop a culture of giving in our school.  A spirit of support and helping is contagious.  I know positive values and the support and participation of parents in our school programs, inspires the staff to even greater efforts and quality outcomes for student learning.  You cannot measure this easily, nor can you quantify the results but we do know that many of us are willing to go the extra mile if we know our efforts are valued.  Our volunteers are valued members of our school community and your efforts inspire us all and make Eltham North a great place to be. We look forward to as many parents as possible coming along at 10.45 am.