Change of school start times and session times during the day:

Commencing 2016 there are significant changes to how the school day will operate.  Here is an explanation and table describing the new timetable.

Start times: At 8.55 am music and a bell will invite children to enter the classroom, put their bag in and move to the mat. Each day a meditation session will enable children to zone into a calm and positive frame of mind for learning that promotes their emotional wellbeing.

Session times: There are 6 x 50 minute teaching sessions during the day.  This format provide the opportunity for an increased number of Literacy and Numeracy sessions.  The format also provides the opportunity to explore Integrated Studies topics in more depth, (while maintaining 4 Literacy / Numeracy sessions in the morning).  The length of Support & Extension sessions is a suitable amount of time and there is a balance in the allocation of staff and aides across the school in each level. Specialist classes will fit within the weekly timetable and specialist clashes for accessible teaching spaces is reduced (i.e. Music Room, Hall). In fact, more resources and spaces such as extra ICT Lab, Art Room and Hall availability will occur.  Specialist may operate double sessions i.e. Enviro Cooking.  Teachers and teams will have planning time together and lunchtime is at a more ‘reasonable' time - 1:00pm. 

Summary: We believe children will adjust to the new times quickly and the ‘Start Up program’ across all teams will nurture and support the transition to the new format.  Note Preps operate a separate timetable to the whole school during February so that children feel safe, secure and learn to understand the routines of a school day.  

Play space: Addressing how children move around the yard during playtimes is also a focus.  In term four we trialed split play times and modification will be implemented this year. An extra yard duty teacher will be allocated for the play breaks and the student peer mediators program is established. A new gate has been installed to ensure Preps can safely play in a designated zone and not gain access the car park area. The zone external to the prep classes and the atrium will receive synthetic grass with games marking.  An extension of play equipment will be added for Prep -2 and 3/4 students.  These initiatives will support our effort to continue to improve the learning and physical surrounds in the school.