From the Principal

Please ensure your school fees are up to date as we need to finalise the financial side of school administration. 

Xmas Sing a long

Eltham Rotary has been organised to cook our BBQ this year so all parents can enjoy the night. Shannon Devlin and Rod Waterman are organising the children for a sing a long. We will set up at the assembly area so that parents can watch the performances from various vantage spots. A raffle is being organised. Parents are encouraged to bring picnic gear, food and good cheer.  Santa will hopefully drop in and I think everyone has the opportunity to catch up with friends and mingle.

Staff Plans for 2016 are set in place

In planning our staff structure and class structure, we arrange classes to ensure that the best possible arrangements are put in place to support student learning.  The employment of staff is complete. Class configurations are based on predicted numbers that may change over the vacation.  For 2016 we have 25 classes and the following staff has been allocated.

  • Year Foundation ~ Janine Tucker (co-ordinator) Andrea Couper, Nadia Bovalino / Alicia Scott, Rachel Hanslow Sells
  • Year 1 ~ Michelle Lucas (co-ordinator), Jess Rogers, Cara Grant/Melissa Osman, Belinda Lee
  • Year 2 ~ Kate Hocking, Natasha Soundy, Lyndell Whiting, Claire Amsellem
  • Year 3 ~ Amanda Theodore (co-ordinator), Gemma Twomey, Jo Harwood / Amanda Newing, Shannon Devlin
  • Year 4 ~ Anthea Eames, Jarrod Wait, Lisa Smith
  • Year 5 ~ Kate Petty / Kate Doherty, Michael Farrell, Ellen Canny
  • Year 6 ~ Josh Darling (coordinator), Michelle Mercer and Kate van Noorden

 We have a new teacher in a specialist role: Welcome Amy Cecil to Music (Prep – year 4).

Meet your new teacher week

Today and next Tuesday 8th all students in current year Prep – 5 have orientation sessions in their 2016 classroom with their new teacher and classmates.  Our year 6 teachers have an orientation day to their Secondary schools (off site on Tuesday 8 Dec).

Year 6 Graduation Night

Our Year Six Graduation Ceremony will be on Thursday 17th December at the Eltham Community Centre.  A choreographed ‘powerpoint’ presentation will set the mood for the night.  The year six students are very excited as they will be presented with their graduating certificates.  During the night they perform some dances and then party to great music for the rest of the evening.  Parents who leave our school at the end of year will be thanked for their contribution over the period of time their children have been at Eltham North.  Looking forward to a great night.  We have children moving on to secondary school and so we say goodbye to parents who have made a substantial contribution to the school over the years.  Thank you to the following families for their active involvement in ENPS over their time: At year 6 = Dozzi 15, DiSalvo 12, Dimoski 11, Wallace 11, Ellis 10, Kamalabaskaran 10, McDonald 10, Naylor 10, Francis, Lam, Paul, Raynall, Stone, Broadbent, Campbell, Chisholm, Crompton, Davies, Desfontaines, Duncan, Fulljames, Schlegel, Whitcher, Goddard, Holzhauer, Higgins, Casey, Wood, Barnes, Wade, Simmonds, Simmonds, Rushby, Mitrevski, Kent, Gruenberg, Clarke, Bakos,

 Upcoming events

  • Wk   9 Friday 4 Dec: Transition session 12.30 pm
  • Wk 10 Tuesday 8 Dec: year 6 ~ Orientation Day to Secondary Schools and transition session starting 11.30 am
  • Wk 10 Tuesday 8 Dec: PFA 9.00 am
  • Wk 10 Tuesday 8 Dec: Parent Helpers Special Morning Tea 10.45 am – 11.30 am
  • Wk 10 Wednesday 9 Dec: Xmas Sing a long from 5.30 pm
  • Wk 10 Thursday 10 Dec: Curriculum Day – No students attend school
  • Wk 10 Friday 11 Dec: year 3 & 4 ~ Big Day Out
  • Wk 11 Tuesday 15 Dec: year Prep ~ Big Day Out to Chesterfield Park
  • Wk 11 Tuesday 15 Dec: year 5 & 6 ~ Survivor Day
  • Wk 11 Wednesday 16 Dec: year 5 & 6 ~ Big Day Out to Funfields
  • Wk 11 Thursday 17 Dec: Year 6 ~ Graduation Night
  • Wk 11 Friday 18 Dec: Early Assembly 1.10 pm for dismissal @ 1.30 pm