From the Assistant Principal

Lunchtime Clubs Program

The following Lunchtime Clubs Programs are operating in Term 3:

 The Library remains open every lunchtime for students to read, draw or play board games.

BOUNCE BACK – Student Welfare Program Relationships

Last week we commenced our Bounce Back unit on Relationships. The two most significant protective environmental factors that promote resilience are feeling connected to peers and feeling connected to family. Students with close relationships cope better with stressors such as failure, bereavement, relationship break-ups, embarrassment and illness. Those supported by close relationships with friends, family or classmates are less vulnerable in the long term to ill health and premature death.  It makes sense to teach young people how to improve their relationships with others. It also makes sense to establish school communities and use class learning strategies that foster the development of strong and positive interpersonal relationships between students. The focus in the Relationships unit is on activities that:

  • Develop skills for making and keeping friends
  • Develop skills for getting along well with others
  • Teach skills for managing conflict
  • Provide opportunities for self-reflection about one’s own current levels of skills in these areas.

Parent Library – Book of the Week

Raising Real People: Creating a Resilient Family Andrew Fuller. Acer Press: 2002

The Australian bestseller that explores the delights, frustrations and dilemmas facing parents of adolescents. From the serious (relationships, depression, youth suicide) to the not-so-serious (pocket money, homework, parties), author and clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller offers practical solutions to common problems drawn from parents, their children and his own experience as a family therapist.

Full of insight, humour and good advice, this revised edition includes a new chapter on the 'Click and Go' generation. Raising Real People is a must-have guide for all parents of teenagers.

This book and many others are available for loan through the Parent Library. Please see Helen in the Library after assembly on Monday if you are interested in borrowing.