From the Principal

Reflections on Book Week

Our Book Parade was and popular and enjoyable event. The shortlisted book that was read out to the students was titled "The Stone Lion" a brilliant book about being compassionate, caring, supporting and helping others.  Thank you to so many parents for assisting to ensure that children were dressed in a costume for the day and it was great to have parent and teacher involvement in Book Week activities. Helen Skerry runs our book fair and ensures all families have access to the sensational displays in the library.  Congratulations Helen! It was a big event.  Book week is about celebrating literature and encouraging children to actively pick up a book, snuggle down in a corner to read.  Modelling good reading practices to our students is very important.  Thank you also to Andrew Noble and Damien Gould for the great photos of the day.

Below are some tips on how you can help your child in reading:

  1. Show your child that you value reading by reading whenever you can.
  2. Encourage a positive attitude to books.
  3. Provide a variety of texts for your child to read to you, e.g. stories, comics, poems,  plays, cartoons, reference books, magazines, children’s recipe books.
  4. Encourage your child to borrow books from the library.
  5. Point out words on street signs, packets and labels.
  6. Encourage your child to predict what a book is about from the cover and        illustrations.
  7. Talk about illustrations and diagrams in books and discuss how they add meaning to text.
  8. Reread favourite books.
  9. Talk about the different purposes for reading a picture book, a novel, a television guide, a newspaper, a telephone directory, a recipe book, an encyclopaedia.
  10.  Point out the different size and shape of words.
  11. Point out the first sound of a word and encourage your child to think of other     words that begin with the same sound.
  12. Encourage your child to read books for enjoyment as well as for information.
  13. Encourage your child to talk about characters and events in texts.
  14. Encourage your child to make sound effects for the characters and events.
  15. Ask your child to think of possible beginnings and endings for stories read and   heard.

We will upload photos from our Parade to the Community Events section of the school web site, so keep checking to see how wonderful the children (and the teachers) looked.

Fathers Day Stall

A reminder that on Wednesday 2nd September, children will be able to buy a gift for Father’s Day from the hall.

School Disco: Friday 4 September.  Disco Mania

The PFA are organising a fun school disco for the kids.  The prep – year 2 starts mid afternoon followed by the 3/4’s and the 5/6 in the evening.  Each year we hold this event as a really fun time. In anticipation we thank our PFA parents who are kindly volunteering their time to help with this event.

 Survey for Year 4 parents 

Would year 4 parents kindly respond to the Compass survey about ‘gender classes’.

Update regarding School Performance for Prep – year 2 classes  

 Kate Adam is very unwell and we do not expect her to return to teaching until term four. 

Kate was coordinating the event, all sequences and individual class performances. Without her, we cannot run the original performance at the George Wood Centre in Warranwood.  We have explored lots of options and have decided to split the performances and conduct them at school.  

Last week all teachers conducted a practice with their classes to see where the children were at in terms of being able to remember and put on their class acts. As a result, we have decided that the Prep teachers will run a school performance this term at school in the atrium at 2.30 pm on Monday 14 September.  After the performance parents will be invited back into classrooms to see their children’s work.  The year one and two class performance will be deferred and held in term four at school.  It is important that the children gain the opportunity to present their acts but we need to scale down from the original strategy.  We will keep you informed about when the events will be held as soon as we can organise things at school.


University of New South Wales Competitions

All Year 3 to Year 6 children have had the opportunity to participate in the University of New South Wales competitions in English and Mathematics. The Assessment rewards participants with certificates of achievement which is measured against all of the children who sat the tests from across the Southern Hemisphere. As a school, the subsequent data generated also allows us to collect more specific information on the individual children and assists with best catering for their educational needs. These competitions would not have been available without the hard work undertaken by Michael Farrell and Jarrod Wait. Jarrod in coordinating the process this year and he has worked extremely long and hard to ensure that all the booklets and answer sheets arrived on time and corresponded with the number of children participating. He has collated and boxed answer sheets for marking and kept all the staff fully briefed on the schedule and timetable as well as required test conditions. I would like to thank him for all his excellent work to ensure that the children at ENPS have had the opportunity to participate.


From September, five things to remember …. UV levels in Victoria are on the rise again so from September it will be time to grab your sun protection gear and do the SunSmart Countdown. Whenever UV levels reach 3 and above, sun protection is needed because that is when the sun can start to damage skin and eyes and lead to skin cancer.

Use a combination of the following five sun protection measures:

5. Slip on clothing that covers as much skin as possible (no singlet tops)

4. Slop on SPF30+ broad spectrum sunscreen (remember to reapply it before going outside)

3. Slap on a wide brimmed hat that shades the head, face, neck and ears)

2. Seek shade

1. Slide on some wrap around sunglasses (labelled AS 1067) - if practical and appropriate for     your school Be especially careful during the middle part of the day (between 10am - 2pm or      11am - 3pm daylight saving time) when the sun's UV levels are most intense.

You can find out UV levels and the times sun protection is needed by looking at the SunSmart UV Alert in the weather section of your daily newspaper or visit

 Have a great week.