From the Principal

Family Camp to Badger Creek Healesville

We had another very successful weekend away at Badger Creek for 21 families. There were also a couple of families that just did a day trip and joined in.   The group had great weather but it got windy on the Sunday.  Activities included:  tennis (the courts busy the entire weekend), fishing, golf, swimming. The park had such a beautiful relaxed feeling about it with families just humming in conversation and children running around and using the equipment.  They had a communal BBQ on Saturday evening.  We will be heading back to Badger Creek in 2017 at the same time of the year.  If there are any families wanting to join in next year, please call Badger Creek Big 4 on 1800 009 225,   Patty Thompson needs to thanked for her efforts to coordinate it.   Bookings are open for next year.

 Appointment of staff for 2017

This term we have been busy appointing staff for next year.  We are in the middle of this process at the moment. We ever so pleased with the quality and quantity of people who applied for various teaching positions. Hayley Ball and Stephen Sankovic are our latest successful applicants who will join the staff for 2017. Effective planning is based on accurate information and the first piece of the jigsaw is to sort out student enrolment numbers.  Enrolments influence class structures, class sizes, staffing allocations and resource budgeting.  If you know you will be leaving the Eltham North community at the end of 2016, please contact the office as soon as possible with a phone call or letter.  Your support in this matter will assist with further planning.  Additionally, if you know of anyone who hasn’t applied to enrol for 2017 please ask them to phone the office asap.

 School Lunches from Home

  • With warmer weather months arriving we thought we’d suggest some reminders for parents about safe food handling practices for the school lunchbox: 
  • Put a frozen container, such as a frozen drink, in the lunchbox with food that is normally refrigerated, such as ham and yoghurt. Alternatively use an insulated lunchbox or cooler.
  • Avoid including food in lunches that would normally be kept in the refrigerator, especially during the summer months.
  • When preparing school lunches avoid perishable foods which have just been cooked or warmed, such a hamburgers or boiled eggs. Such foods should be cooled in the refrigerator before being used in lunches.
  • Discard any leftovers and do not reuse.

 School Uniform

A reminder about the ‘compulsory component of our school uniform’.

 It is compulsory for students to wear school colours (bottle green and gold) and families are strongly encouraged to purchase school uniform with the Eltham North Logo through the uniform shop. The uniform should consist of a combination of items with the predominant colours being bottle green and gold. Any modifications to school uniform other than adjustment for proper fit are unacceptable.

 The ENPSbroad-brimmed Sun Smart hat is a compulsory uniform item whenever students are outside during term 1 and term 4. Expressed another way … children cannot wear ‘other coloured hats, caps or styles of hats’.  Students without a school hat are directed to, and remain in the atrium and Rest a While shaded area. 

 The policy on School Uniform can be found on the school website under the section “Our School’ see policies and reports along with all other school policies. The uniform shop is open next Wednesday 28 October between 8.30 – 9.30 am.

 Privacy Notice

At Eltham North Primary we celebrate the efforts of our students by mentioning their participation in school events and their achievements in our school newsletter. Occasionally photographs of students are included. Photographs of students are on our school intranet site. On the school website there are images of students but we only ever use group photographs and we identify a student only by their first name, class or year number. If an individual photograph and full name is required, we will only publish this on the website with the consent of the parent and student.

 We allow parents to record school Assemblies and other performances as this creates a memento that can be shared with other family members. Video or audio recording is permitted at school under a copyright license paid by DEECD on behalf of all government schools (AMCOS/ARIA license).

 We invite local press to school events and they are expected to follow school policy on the publication of photographs of students. When a story is about an individual achievement we will always seek your consent before passing information or photographs to the press for publication. Unless a story features an individual child only group photos are published and students are identified by first name and year only. If you have any concerns about how photographs of your child may be used by the school please let us know.

 Forthcoming events:

  • Week 4 Tuesday 25: Year 3 & 4 Music Performance
  • Week 4 Tuesday 25: Mondo Clothing Recycle Day
  • Week 4 Thursday 27 October: School Council Board Meeting
  • Week 4 Friday 28 October: Curriculum Day
  • Week 5 Tuesday 1 November: Melbourne Cup
  • Week 6 Tuesday 9 November: PFA Meeting @ 9.00 am
  • Week 7 Wednesday 16 November: Parent Info evening on CyberSafety
  • Week 8 Wednesday 23 November: Prep Transition No 3
  • Week 8 Thursday 25 November: School Council No 8