From the Principal

Dates for the start of 2017

Monday 30 January = Curriculum Day = teacher only administration day = no student attend school

Tuesday 31 January = First day of school for all Year 1 – 6 students.
Preps = meet the teacher session ( 15 minute visit ).

Wednesday 1 February
First day of school for Preps ie 9.00 am to 12.30 pm only ( half day).


Sunhats: A reminder that for term 4 all students are required to wear their Eltham North school hat to protect their face, neck and ears whenever they are outside. (recess, lunch, physical education and excursions).  The Sunsmart Uniform hat is available for purchase from the school uniform shop.  Additionally ENPS drink bottles can be purchased for students to use to rehydrate in the classroom.  Commencing October, children cannot wear ‘no hats’ or ‘alternative hats’.  These will be removed to the children’s school bags during the day and the children will have to stay under cover if they ‘choose’ not to adhere to this school policy, which is designed to support their health and safety. 

Suncream:  The school web site front page includes a Sunsmart UV meter rating and we use this to determine our sunscreening strategy each day.  Parents are advised to rub suncream on your children before they arrive at school.  This positive action will ensure the children are protected to lunch time.  Each classroom will supply SPF 50 broad spectrum and the children will put it on before they go out to lunch.  Our school policy number 5.18 on Sunsmart is located on the school web site for parents to read.  In 2016 our Health Education team updated this policy in line with latest recommendations from the Department of Education. Vic Health and Sunsmart Victoria.

Before School Supervision

With the weather improving some children have been arriving at school very early and for their own safety they should arrive later when there is supervision in the schoolyard.  Any child found in the school before 8.30 am will be sent to Before School Care. 

Student Accident Insurance - Ambulance cover: Parents/guardians of students, who do not have student accident insurance, are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance/transport and any other transport costs; and parents/guardians can purchase insurance policies from commercial insurers.

Get Your Arts On Day

Prep to year 4 students participated in whole school day activities on Wednesday.  Some of the exciting activities included Tarantella Workshop, Festa where each class will do a performance, Mask Making, Chalk Art, Fashion Parade/Slideshow, Gelati with lunch – The children enjoyed a special treat of a lemon gelato cup to have with their lunches.

We have commenced planning for 2017

It is time to commence the process of planning staffing, classes and budgets.  Effective planning is based on accurate information and the first piece of the jigsaw is to sort out student enrolment numbers.  Enrolments influence class structures, class sizes, staffing allocations and resource budgeting.  If you know you will be leaving the Eltham North community at the end of 2016, please contact the office as soon as possible with a phone call or letter.  Your support in this matter will assist with 2017 planning.

Placement of students for 2017 and instructions to parents regarding parent request letters.

If you have any special requests for the placement of your child based on educational grounds, then you are welcome to write or email to the school and/or David Foley directly. (
This year I am asking that a written parental request must be received by early October (Friday 7 October). A timeline of the process we are using this year is included below. Once we lock the groups in, we will not be making changes as a result of receiving a ‘late parent request form’.
For 2017 we will establish class groupings using a specific criteria and your parent request letter will need to follow this structure.  On this point, parents are reminded that requests for specific teachers will not be met or considered.
Here is the criteria we will be utilising to determine our class groupings.
• each child's individual learning capabilities in Literacy, Numeracy and other curriculum areas
• balancing the number of males and females in each classroom where possible
• the individual friendship groupings – your child will be placed with one friend
• creating classes which have similar educational and behavioural profiles, making allowance for possible growth in class numbers
• written parental requests based on educational grounds.
As you can see, the unit team coordinators take many things into account when they create the class lists for the following year. The final decision about class placement is vested with the Principal. In planning the class groups, we set out to arrange small class sizes in the early year levels with average junior class numbers of 21 - 22. In the upper year levels, we consequently have larger class sizes in the 26 - 30 range. As per 2016, we will operate 25 classes in 2017. Eltham North Primary School runs single year classrooms in line with the new Victorian Curriculum.
Once all teacher and students are allocated in October, we shift to starting transition sessions during November and December so that children build familiarity with the 2017 social group and new level. 
Wk 1: Friday   7 October         ~ Student friendship list completed in classes and parent placement request letter to Principal
Wk 3: Friday 21 October         ~ Teacher teams finalise all student placements for the new 2017 class groups
Wk 4: Friday 28 October         ~ Teachers informed of their new teaching role and class.
Wk 5: Wednesday 2 Nov        ~ Students start transition sessions with their future class
Thank you in anticipation for working with our timeline and note that information from parents is considered alongside teachers’ views and social requests and the needs of particular groups of students so that there are positive class placements for every student.

Forthcoming Events in October:


Week 1 Friday / Sat / Sun 8-9 October (this weekend): Badger Creek Healesville Family Camp
Week 2 Monday 10 October: Prep 2017 Information Evening @ 7.00 pm
Week 2 Wednesday 12 October: Regional Athletics
Week 2 Saturday 15 October: Family Photo Day
Week 3 Monday 17-18 Tuesday: Year 3 Camp in the city
Week 3 Wednesday 19 October: 2nd Prep Transition visit 9.15 am – 12.30 pm
Week 4 Tuesday 25: Year 3 & 4 Music Performance
Week 4 Tuesday 25: Mondo Clothing Recycle Day
Week 4 Thursday 27 October: School Council Board Meeting
Week 4 Friday 28 October: Curriculum Day