Emergency Management Plan 2016

All Department of Education (DET) Schools must have a current Emergency Management Plan (EMP) that contains a risk assessment that addresses hazards and potential threats to the school and which covers the four components of preparedness, prevention, response and recovery.

As a Government Primary School we must:

  • ensure that staff, students and the school community have a clear understanding of the EMP and its procedures
  • ensure that staff, students and the school community are trained so that they know what they are required to do during an emergency
  • test emergency arrangements at regular intervals to ensure that procedures work and everyone learns emergency protocols

Eltham North Primary regularly rehearses and exercises these procedures, completing a partial or full test under a variety of emergency scenarios.  A practice drill includes an evacuation from buildings, the school site or a lock down (known as ‘shelter in place’).  The value of conducting the drill is to ensure everyone on site knows the procedures and protocols to be able to safely move around and beyond the school site.

The school is actively prepared to enact our emergency management plan. If a threat did arise, we would make every effort to contact and inform all parents at the earliest possible time using SMS, Compass and School web site forms of communication.

The safety and well-being of our students is always our top priority.