Healthy Eating policy update

As a school, we aim to develop a consistent approach and positive attitude to healthy eating across the whole school including the curriculum, food provision and links with families and the community.

The Healthy Eating and Nutrition policy has been modified. A focus has been on clearly establishing the protocol in respect to how teachers can manage 'birthday celebrations' in their class. In particular, the giving and sharing of non healthy food items to celebrate children’s birthdays in class is not encouraged. As such, parents are strongly encouraged not to bring non-healthy confectionery as a treat. In particular i.e. lollies and soft drinks (high sugar and processed food items).

Instead, parents are strongly encouraged to bring healthy food and/or non food items. Healthy home made food from home should be labelled with its ingredients.

At the start of the year, parents fill out an approval document about birthday celebrations. They are asked to indicate if they wish for their child to participate in birthday celebrations. ie for children in the class to partake in the eating of food items as treats. ie lollies, cakes etc. or not. Those that do not wish for their child to be involved, can provide healthy and non food items to the teacher, that can be given to their child and others. Examples include balloons, pencils, song, sticker, special seat for the day.

To encourage inclusion, children with food allergies may join in and have items from their own ‘treat box’, that is supplied by the parent.

See the updated policy 5~25 Healthy Eating and Nutrition.

To find our more, go to our Healthy Eating page on the school web site.