Term 2 News from the Principal

Introducing Adrian Higgins - School Council President

 It is a pleasure to welcome Adrian Higgins as President of the School Council at Eltham North Primary School in 2016.

Adrian has been a member of school council for a few years and took on the role of treasurer last year.  We wish him well in supporting the school council team this year.

Education Week

Education Week will be celebrated from 18th - 22nd May  Eltham North Primary will open our doors to parents and the broader Eltham community on our open day on Wednesday 18 May where student displays, performances and other special events will showcase our programs and student achievements.  The Open Day begins at 9.00 am and ends at 3.30 pm.

During the day we will be offering educational seminars for our parents and visiting families:  Please visit the school at any time during the day and note there will be some parent seminars.  An appointment is not necessary but we will be conducting tours every 1/2 hour throughout the day.

Principal and Assistant Principal (School curriculum programs and our future) in the library at the following times:

  • 9.30 am – 10.00 am
  • 11.30 – 12.00 pm
  • 1.30 – 2.00 pm

We hope that our school families and working parents use the opportunity to visit and tour classrooms.

Student Leadership Opportunities

During term one our year 3 -6 teams sought to provide opportunities for students to play an active leadership role in their school life. Expressions of interest were called for students to act in a variety of leadership positions. We presented these leaders at our school assemblies. We seek to recognise the children for stepping up and taking on extra responsibility. The students had prepared speeches and applications for the positions of School Captains, Sporting Leaders (House Captains), Junior School Captains and Environmental leaders. As we move into term two we will be continuing leadership opportunities for a greater number of students to provide authentic leadership opportunities.  We will be provided the opportunity to have a ‘voice’, build their self confidence, develop their decision-making skills and further develop their speaking, listening and oral presentation skills. We want to teach students how problems are solved in groups, the school and the community. We want them to understand that they can take responsibility for their own school environment and learning community. We also know that school age students do care about a range of social, political and environmental issues. This includes issues that may affect them directly such as personal safety as well as broader issues. Students from a very young age start to form theories and opinions around media issues. Leadership opportunities, where they are empowered to initiate action with the support of an adult provide an opportunity for authentic learning. Our challenge is to “draw in” the voice of all students.

Prep Enrolment Intake for 2017

Parents may collect enrolment forms and submit their applications to the office.  Would existing families who will have a Prep child for 2017 please enrol now so that we can define our sibling enrolment intake and would parents please pass on information to friends at Kinders and Child Care Centres that we have commenced the enrolment process.  Our school web site has a comprehensive section for Intake 2017 families.

School Safety

At school, we place a great emphasis on student safety and have adopted a number of practices to ensure the safety of our students.  One of the procedures is the practice of asking visitors to register at the Office and wear a Visitors Badge when in the school.  Children are taught that authorised adults at school should be wearing a badge that teachers should be notified if there is a concern. 

Drop off and pick up times

A reminder that we need children to arrive at school after 8.45 and be picked up by 3.45 pm.  Outside of these hours we DO NOT have any teachers in the yard supervising the grounds. Parents are required to realise the ‘legal ramifications and safety issues’ relevant to duty of care. If you have to drop off early or pick up late, then please use the OSHC service.  Any children from the playground areas will be sent  nto OSHC if they arrive before 8.30 am or after 4.00 pm. 

Upcoming events for April and May

20 -22 April ~ Year 5 Camp

25 April ~ Anzac Day

28 April ~ Walkathon

29 April ~ Curriculum Day

4 May ~ Mother Day Stall

5 May ~ District X –Country

10 – 12 May ~ NAPLAN assessments for yr 3 & yr 5

18 May ~ Open Day

18 May ~ Prep 2017 Kinder Storytime

31 May ~ School Athletics

3 June ~ School Disco

9 June ~ Prep 2017 Kinder Storytime

16 June ~ Parent, Student and Teacher Conferences