From the Principal

Open Day Wednesday 18 May

Celebrate Education Week with us. Our JSC tour guides are ready to take parents on tours of the school. They will provide a commentary about school life. We hope to have lots of visitors. In classrooms children enjoy having visitors watch them working. The School Council and PFA will put on tea and coffee and chat informally during the day. Our teachers hard work in setting up and presenting classrooms and of course we thank our students for their enthusiasm and positivity.

Becoming involved with school activities is a good way for parents to get involved in a child’s education. Parents are encouraged to get to know and communicate with their children's teachers. Please feel free to follow up any issues in relation to your child’s learning. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about what they're doing in school to reinforce the things they are learning.

Parents Getting Involved

If you read in your child's classroom, if you sometimes help in the library, if you support teachers by going on excursions, if you help out with the growing club (or any club!), if you volunteer in the uniform shop, if you wipe down tables for your teacher, if you cut up fruit for juice, or are a classroom rep – then you are a valued member of the parents and friends, and we'd like to recognise all the work you do, and say thank you!  You might have an idea about doing something differently at the school.  You might want to meet more parents and enjoy great evenings out. You might have an area of expertise that could be helpful or you might just want to be a part of the many things we organise for the children each term. Maybe you don't know where to start.   Well, the best place to start is at a PFA meeting.  We would love everyone to come along to our monthly meeting, usually held on a Tuesday morning.  Come and have a cup of tea with us. We look forward to seeing you there.  You can also keep up with the latest news on our school web site.

Story Time For Kinder Kids

Storytime commences on Open Day Wednesday 18 May. Kinder aged children will have a chance to sit in a Prep classroom with the Prep teachers. We have found the sessions to be very popular and provide a great opportunity for these enthusiastic learners to visit ‘Big School’.  The Prep 2017 enrolment program is well underway with school tours taking place each day.  Applications to enrol, together with immunisation and proof of birth certificates are to be handed to the office.  Our school web site has a comprehensive section for intake 2017 Preps.  Thanks to the parents who have already enrolled. We are accepting enrolments throughout Term 2 and into term 3. We ask that you bring up proof of age (birth certificate or passport), the School Immunisation certificate or obtained from a Medicare office), the parents’ contact details, the names and contact numbers of at least two emergency contact people (family, friends or neighbour), your doctor’s contact details, Medicare number. We also need details if your child has a serious illness, asthma, or suffers anaphylactic reactions to foodstuffs or substances. For an appointment time, please ring the office on 9439 9639 or download from our website

Security and Safety

Eltham North has a successful security and safety record and it is worth reminding families why it is so.  The school regards these issues as high priority, and there are a few behind the scenes activities you might be interested in:

  • Regular inspections covering health and safety, physical security, hygiene and fire control systems.
  • Liaison with the Police to ensure regular patrolling and surveillance.
  • Liaison with Nillumbik Council, which is responsible for roads and traffic control in the area.  
  • CCTV video surveillance includes 18 fixed and rotational cameras strategically located around buildings.
  • The employment by School Council of a school nurse for lunch times.
  • The tracking and monitoring of playground accidents.
  • The requirement for all authorised visitors to wear an identification tag and or be accompanied by a staff member.  Staff will challenge anyone who does not look like they belong.
  • A grounds plan and DISPLAN (emergency and evacuation plan) which considers safety as a major imperative.
  • A budget for emergency fixes and repairs of identified safety problems in the school grounds.
  • A culture of general awareness, which includes reminders delivered in the classroom.

 Staff is active with their preventative behaviour but equally importantly, families need to be given much credit for our good record.  On the whole, our children are cautious and well behaved around the roads and tend to respond quickly to instructions from staff in the playground and when in unfamiliar environments such as on an excursion. This would not be the case if they had not been exposed to good habits.  Of course things are never perfect and we encourage families to help out.  Ways in which you can assist include:

Be careful at the oval carpark zone

Walk along constructed paths to the school

Use the side crossing on Short Road

Use the drop off in the designated area in Lower Road

Do not drive into the staff car park for drop off or pick (OSHC are an exception outside normal hours)

Dates for your DIary

  • Thursday, May 12 ~ 9:00am ~ NAPLAN Assessments
  • Thursday, My 12 ~ 7:00pm ~ SC Board Meeting
  • Wednesday, May 18 ~ 9:00am ~ Open Day
  • Wednesday, May 18 ~ 2:30pm ~ Kinder Storytime No 1
  • Thursday, May 26 ~ 9:00am ~ L3 excursion to CERES
  • Tuesday, May 31 ~ 9:00am ~ School Athletics
  • Friday, June 3 ~ 3:30pm ~ School Disco
  • Wednesday, June 8 ~ 9:00am ~ Divisional X Country
  • Thursday, June 9 ~ 2:30pm ~ Kinder Storytime No 2
  • Thursday, June 9 ~ 7:00pm ~ SC Board Meeting
  • Tuesday, June 21 ~ 11:30am ~Parent, Student & Teacher Conference
  • Friday, June 24 ~ 9:00am ~ Last day of term two


Have a wonderful week sharing the learning journey with your children.

David Foley

School Principal