From the Principal

Visitors commented on how they enjoyed speaking with our student leaders and they were proud of how the students presented both the school and themselves. We had emails from our visitors saying how well the tour guides performed. This is lovely feedback and a reflection on the children for their outstanding efforts, enthusiasm and capacity to fulfil a challenging role. In classrooms children were excited to see their parents visit. The PFA put on tea and coffee and chatted informally during the day visits. This offering was well attended and lots of parents enjoyed a cup of tea and chat with our school council members. Congratulations to our teachers for their hard work in setting up and presenting classrooms and of course we thank our students for their enthusiasm and positivity on the day.

Prep Excursion to Edendale Farm

On Tuesday our Preps walked over and spent the day learning about animals, habitats and caring for the environment.  The weather was crisp but sunny.  We were lucky!  The highlight was touring the site and visiting the animals. See photos on the school blog website.


The national testing program (NAPLAN) was conducted two weeks ago. Teachers at our school undertook preparatory work for the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) so that each student was prepared to enable them to perform to the best of their ability. The report provided to parents late in August provides information which can be helpful to parents in enabling them to see how their child is performing in relation to other children around Australia. It is fair to say that the test results do provide an indicator about the achievement of our students and a two year comparison of their learning growth in four areas. We receive a school measure, to see how we have done in terms of student achievement growth over the Year 3 to Year 5 period. Whatever the child’s individual achievement level in the subjects reported on, the information gleaned can assist their teacher to plan individually for each child. This information can be utilised as part of our Individual Learning Plan processes later in the year and in the following year when we get the results. Parents will have an opportunity to discuss your child’s outcomes when the June report is sent home and we run our three-way conferences.

Prep & Year 6 Buddies

Fond memories for life start with our Prep students bonding with their Year 6 buddy that endures lifelong memories. The connections that are formed are treasured. This occurs because our values of co-operation, achievement, responsibility and empathy and doing your best is instilled in students from the outset. The 'Buddy Strategy' connects each Prep student with a ‘Buddy’ from Year Six in a way that is natural and mutually beneficial. The senior 'Buddy' interacts with the junior student in a number of ways, from helping to orientate the student in school procedures to shared activities such as supporting them on their first excursion. The benefits are mutual. The Prep student is instilled with a sense of belonging and security, while being presented with a role model worthy of emulation. The Year Six student acquires the invaluable experience of mature responsibility and compassionate caring. 

Student of the Week Awards

Each week at assembly, student leaders read out the names of a student from each class who is presented a Student of the Week award for show good values and citizenship.

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 Have a wonderful week sharing the learning journey with your children.