Litter at School

Classroom leaders take food scraps to the worm farms; paper and plastic litter goes to the green wheelie bins and is recycled by Nillumbik Shire and other waste goes to our weekly skip removal service.  An ongoing problem is ‘wrapper litter’.

 Unfortunately, a few children continue to bring potato chip bags and lollies of all descriptions to school. We are encouraging children to bring ‘nude foods’ ie unwrapped and placed in a plastic container that goes back into their lunch boxes and we are encourage kids to come to school with ‘healthier food options. ie not   ‘Occasionally (red foods) category’ items. We provide incentives for children to be ‘more responsible and not ‘plain lazy’ when they have litter. ie put it in your pocket and take it back into your classroom after play is the message !  We provide awards for classes who are ‘wrapper free’ and source children to be ‘eco leaders’ who model responsible behaviour in the yard at recess time.  Ideally, positive peer pressure within the education setting will help create a culture in which nutritious foods and a healthy lifestyle are actively chosen and permeate the whole school environment