Student Leadership Conference held at Edendale Farm

After engaging in 4 workshops: Public Speaking, Organisation, Responsibility And Team Skills, students reflected on the day’s activities.

They were asked to identify something they learnt or tried for the first time. 

What they should stop doing / start doing or will continue to do as leaders at ENPS. Here are some of the comments:

I learnt how to speak in public to people I don’t know

I will try public speaking at Assembly

I learnt public speaking and team building

I will continue to be a good leader and to work well in a group /team.

I will try to speak loud and clear in front of people.

Try to be more brave

I did try to be confident; I will stop being frustrated easily

I tried to be brave and speak in front of everyone.

Do team work in a big group


Continue to be trustworthy

I realised how important it is to listen.

I enjoyed the advertising and making posters.

I learnt how much goes into being a leader!

I am going to stop being shy when public speaking and neglecting other’s opinions.

I am going to start being more organised and will definitely do the SLIP program.