Parents and Friends Association News

  • Wednesday 17-23 August: Scholastics Book Fair
  • Wednesday 31st August: Delivery of Father’s Day frames to classrooms
  • Tuesday 6th September: PFA Meeting, from 9am in the staffroom
  • Wednesday 7th September: Footy Day Activities
  • Wednesday 7th September: Footy Day Special Lunch


Father’s Day Photo Booth – THANK YOU!

What a huge success!! We had many parent helpers on board, the students were in great spirits, and everyone really enjoyed the experience of dressing up in props for their photo shoot. The library was the perfect venue for the event - everything flowed smoothly.

A HUGE thank you to April Kendall for creating this fabulous idea of the Photo Booth for Father’s Day this year. It has been so successful! A special thank you to Justine Knight and Beck Faldon for offering to help April take photos of all the students. We had over 550 students participating in the event! Our photographers were wonderful with the students, getting them to smile and pose for their shots. The students had a ball!  The photographers did an amazing job. Thank you so, so much!

Special thank you to our art teachers Mrs Hayes and Mrs Sciola for organising the decoration of the photo frames for Father’s Day. The students had so much fun creating their special frames for their fathers. Thank you!

Thank you to our generous parents Natalie Duffy, Jo McInnes, Janine Hartney, Kim Hopkins and Kelly Stephens for donating the props for the photo booth. The students had so many to choose from, they loved them!

Thank you to our wonderful parent helpers who helped man the Prop tables, assisted students with their selections as well as help the photographers in the library. You all helped create such a fun and inviting atmosphere for the students:

Astrid van Viersen, Melissa De Jonge, Deb Burnett, Julie Enzerink, Sharon Arena, Steph McKay, Zoe McMaster, Natalie Duffy, Samantha Jinadasa, Katie Borg, Meredith Racina, Kylie Bire, Rochelle Van Der Merwe, Carly Colbert, Jessica Leong, Andrea Jenkins, Anare Koliavu, Karen Louwrens, Steve Bone, Julie Noble, Sonia Lyne, Belinda Davis, Kristel Hartlief, Miriam Robertson and Jess Connolly. Thank you so much!

“Bad Moms” Movie Night

On Wednesday 17th August, we had a night at the movies in Northcote to see the funny movie Bad Moms.  It was a great night !!


Monthly PFA Meeting

The next PFA meeting is on Tuesday 9th August at 9 am in the staffroom.

Thank you to all parents who have attend the monthly PFA meetings so far this year. Your continued support is so much appreciated! We look forward to seeing you again on the 9th.

We would love to see new face at the PFA meetings. The meetings are very relaxed get-togethers, where parents come for a chat, to meet other parents, hear the latest PFA news, express ideas, lend support if desired, or simply have some morning tea! We have a wonderful parent community at ENPS and many great friendships have been forged through PFA gatherings. Please come along and get involve - it really is lots of fun.