Old aerial photos of the school in late 90's

Back in the late 90’s .

All the relocatable in the 3/4 area have changed and been replaced. Room 12/13 near the sand pit replaced the old 5 module relocatable and note there was a toilet block in the spot where we have placed the large sand coloured water tank.
Have a look at the groovy slide on the P-2 playground.
Across the road is the old house and milk bar.
No relocatables or half basketball court in the 5/6 area at the top of the school.
No BER library / year 6 centre, but it was a bat tennis court.

I know when I arrive as the Principal in mid 1999, there were 286 children in 11 rooms. i.e. 8 in the main building and 3 classes in relocatables. No other buildings on site.  Oh, the memories…..

Go the school web and look at the 'drone' view to see the school now.  Amazing changes !