From the Principal

Thank you to staff for your professional commitment and wonderful team efforts to support all students at our school.   We had great success with school and district athletics days and successful Interschool Sports competition.

NAPLAN Testing

Results of the 2016 NAPLAN assessments for year 3 & 5 students have arrived and parents received your child’s results.  The school performance results are very impressive, especially at year 3 level and we are very excited and proud of the students’ achievements and teachers have clearly played their part in providing a nurturing, caring and supportive learning environment for the children.  On the vacation I will load the overall data results onto the school web site.

ENPS Footy Day

Our football parade, games, special lunch and match was a colourful, fun day for students and staff.  Everyone dressed in their favourite footy colours and proudly celebrate their loyalty to their club.  We started off with a parade of football teams and football games and activities for all students.  A special ‘footy’ lunch was prepared by our PFA and the Staff V’s Students game was held in the afternoon.  The teachers had been training very hard to get in form for the big day but we had many injuries beforehand and key experienced players were unavailable for selection.  The coaching team had been planning carefully for this final and staff were looking forward to a big win.  The results was a drawn match!  Many parents contributed to this successful day and I wish to thank our PFA for organising the food and activities for the kids.

Year 3 Camp

Our year 3 students attend the city camp early in term four.  They travel by train with their backpacks and tour many city highlights before bedding down in Melbourne Central. 

School Budget Plan

Budget planning cycle for 2017 is underway. There are three broad sources of funding that we draw upon.

Standard government grants, allocated on a per-student basis, special government grants for defined purposes, revenues we raise ourselves, from voluntary levies and various fundraising activities.

Government provided funds are known as the school global budget.  The global budget is used to fund everything you see at the school, with the exception of teacher salaries, which are looked after by the Department.  We need to set a budget to cater for classroom materials, library materials, education support, teacher professional development, sports equipment, building and grounds maintenance, telecommunications, utilities, computers, relief teachers, cleaning, administration support and so on.

The global budget does not include ‘user pays’ activities such as camps, excursions, services of educational consultants (Speech Pathologist), OHSC and ICT coach.  These are funded on an at-cost basis from the monies received.  The replacement of the school roof for instance is costed outside our School Budget as a Special Purpose grant based on a successful submission to Federal Government. Different schools have different approaches to managing the global budget.  At Eltham North, it is a collaborative activity between School Council, staff and Principal. The process commences next term.

In term four, nominated teachers provide estimates of requirements for the various educational programs.  The Principal and Assistant Principal provide estimates of other requirements.  The Principal prepares a broad appraisal of the indicative budget and correct anomalies and new inclusions, in consultation with other staff.  In October, the School Council Finance Project team review projected revenue and expenditure, proposed adjustments and discuss requirements for family contributions.  At this point, the project team is reviewing the current year budget and expenditure.  The project team presents a first draft 2017 budget to School Council.  In November, the project team finalise the budget, which is then presented to School Council for ratification at the November meeting.  At this point, School Council approves any deficits or surplus funds. 

We use Accrual Accounting procedures and we have to ensure we have the funds upfront to be able to approve all programs in the school.  We set clear targets and lock in items to be funded before the new year.  As in previous years, we aim to achieve a modest surplus which will be transferred to a contingency reserve.   In terms of completing the 2016 year to year cycle we are on target to demonstrate that Eltham North has really added quality to resource provision for all students. Some of our large purchases include $10,000 for Interactive projectors in classrooms,  $ 90,000 for new Macbook desktop computers, laptops and ipads, $25,000 for synthetic grass, $15,000 for new playground equipment.

The key to our continuing success and achievement is commitment to providing quality resources for the students in our school and I thank the School Council Finance team (especially Gareth Taylor, Adrian Higgins, Donna McGregor and Stephen Hayes) for their efforts this year.

 1st Day of term 4 is Monday 3 October at 9.00 am commencing with a main assembly