Emotion Jars

Today in 3C we made a Jar of Emotions as part of the Resilience Project.

The overarching goal of the lesson was to examine the expression and self-management of emotions. The lesson brainstorm encouraged the children to be able to identify and describe strategies to manage and moderate emotions in increasingly unfamiliar situations.

Our aim was for students to create a visual understanding of how stress can stir up the mind and how we can practice mindfulness meditation to calm our minds when they are stirred up.

It was a fantastic lesson that was not only thoroughly enjoyed but thoroughly educational, connecting the children to themselves!

We used glass jars (thank you to parents), water, dye and glitter to create our Jar of Emotions. After we had made them we shook them up and practiced our Smiling Mind belly breathing watching the glitter settle. Once the glitter had settled we compared our internal weather from before and after the exercise. The children completed a Resilience Project workbook reflection answering questions including 'What the glitter reminds me of' and 'I will use the Emotion Jar when I feel...'

Some of the discussion in class included that the glitter swirling made them think of starfish in the ocean which was a calming image for them. Some children discussed feeling mixed up inside like a tornado when they feel a strong emotion such as fear, anger, jealousy or excitement and that the jar allowed them to mirror what they felt inside then they could mirror the jar as it slowed and settled.