Eltham North Adventure Playground fire

We are terribly disappointed and sad and angry. This magnificient playground that the Eltham North Primary community were actively involved in developing was burnt down in the early hours of Saturday.  It appears to be a case of arson.  See photos and more information below....


Here is a brief history about the playground.  In 1991 planning commenced. Councillor Doug Beau (Diamond Valley Council) came up with the idea of a community built playground.  Bambi McLean formed a committee and over 3 years with 200 volunteers they developed the plan. They raised $200,000 with the financial assistance of Council, Rotary, local businesses and families of Eltham North Primary and local schools and kinders who contributed funds.  The committee put out feelers to find a builder and architect.


An architect in America had been building large community playground projects and this is where the concept came from. The committee decided to create our own design. ENPS was heavily involved with contributing design ideas via a survey of families.

The idea of a Shearing Shed was the outcome and the ideas from the children and families turned into a priority list. Eltham North Primary School was the main link to contact and inform the community.  Kids and families were involved with the build.  The builder worked with the community to construct it – hands on.


The Adventure Playground was opened in September 1994 ie  just over 23 years ago.


More information will be loaded here during Monday 18 December.