Celebrating our mid year Parent, Student & Teacher Conferences

Dear Parents

Thank you to all parents who attended the PST interviews yesterday. The teaching staff appreciated the overwhelming and positive feedback about the quality of student reports and portfolios.  Teachers excelled at assessing student learning, testing, recording and producing an easy to understand and in depth review of student progress mid-year. At the interview, lots of valuable insights were shared including how your child is progressing academically, socially and emotionally. As you can well imagine, our teachers spent a great deal of time to write and assemble your child’s reports and the positive acknowledgment for their efforts that you have stated or written certainly helps to build the partnership between school and family.

As part of our annual reporting strategy across a full year, we are committed to provide an introductory PST Conference in first term, a detailed Report Folder and Mid-year PST Conference in the second term and a more concise report in the last term.

Reflecting about special events like PST conferences endorse and confirm we are here for children and we celebrate their growth and learning. These are special moments that are most gratifying for teachers. What a wonderful inspiration our teaching staff are.  They are the spark that ignites a student’s learning, through communicating their passion for their subjects and touching not just students’ minds, but their hearts and thoughts. By valuing and supporting our teachers you are doing your bit, so thank you again on behalf of the whole staff at Eltham North. 

~   David Foley