Principal's news

Children with illnesses:  Recent weeks have seen an increase in illness within the school.  Whilst this is not unusual for this time of the year, a number of children have returned with coughs, colds, tummy bugs and viral complaints that can easily spread to others.  Please assist teachers and the other students by keeping unwell children home until they are fully recovered.  If a child is well enough to attend school but requires medication to be administered during school hours, parents should supply the medication in a pharmacy-dispensed container that gives the name of the student and the dose required.  The name of the medication should be clearly marked on the container.  Accompanying the container, parents are requested to provide written instructions regarding the medication required, the date/s to be administered, the dose and the time it is to be given.  Please note non-prescription medications will not be administered.

Safety for children at the Lower Road Crossing:   A reminder to all parents not to drop their children off at the Lower Road Crossing at the side of the school or at / on that roundabout.  This is an unsafe practice.

Cyber Safety for Kids:  There are a number of excellent resources for parents and students in regard to internet safety / Cyber safety. Useful Parent and Student Resources can be accessed at: and also   There are a range of programs, information and film clips about cyber safety relevant for all age groups.

Is your child having a problem with another child in the playground?  From time to time issues arise in the playground between children.  Your child may come home and complain about another child.  It is always hard to deal with these issues but we suggest that you listen to your child and then discuss their options with an aim to empowering them to solve their problems.  However, if the issue does not resolve itself please let us know.  You can: Encourage your child to speak to their class teacher.  Speak to your child’s classroom teacher yourself. Write a note to the teacher. Contact the Unit Team coordinators. i.e. Janine Tucker  Cara Grant  Jarrod WaitJosh Darling  or Stephen Hayes and myself. We are committed to providing a safe and happy place for our students at all times and we will listen and take action appropriate to get to the bottom of issues.  Please don’t approach another child about such issues.  All concerns should be directed through the school staff.


For more valuable information about Student Welfare issues I have included an article on our web site ~ go to Student Wellbeing and scroll through the bottom section on Bounce Back and KidsMatter information.


Parent Opinion Survey:  Parent opinion is used as part of out Annual Reporting process.  Each year, an anonymous parent survey is distributed to a random sample of parents seeking their views on particular aspects of the school.  The responses are a useful indicator of general school performance in achieving goals associated with student behaviour, student safety, with the effectiveness of teaching within the school and as an indicator of general school performance.  Up front I thank the many parents who have been asked to complete the Parent Survey online. Results of the survey are published as part of the School’s Annual Report that is presented to the School Community each March at the School Councils Annual Reporting Evening.


Student Attitudes to School Survey results: We are about to table the “Student Attitudes to School” survey results for the School Council. The results are indicative of the areas where children feel satisfied or anxious and enable staff to recognise and focus on working to improve the learning environment for the children in years 5 & 6. A copy of the survey will be available for interested parents to look at from the office shortly.