Tali Train program


TALi is an early intervention app-based ipad/tablet program designed to help improve core attention skills and improve academic outcomes.

Designed by Monash University and created for children from prep to grade 3 this program has four exercises which are each designed to improve one core skill such as:

Selective attention that helps with listening in class and helping to block out distractions.

Focus to help improve school work.

Control to aid in group work and understanding instructions.

Inhibition to help the student to slow down and think before they do something.

Each exercise is 4 minutes long and there is a game at the end as a reward, the program also uses sticker book as a reward.

The program is completed once a day for 25 sessions.

Other programs we have used at school include: Cogmed a working memory program which was used from prep to grade 6 and ACTIVATE that was to improve executive function and was used for students from grade 3 to 6.

Children in the Tali program play learning based games on an iPad for 25 minutes a day to improve their concentration. It is targeted at children with learning difficulties such as autism and ADHD. Using screen Time in the program is a key feature in keeping the attention of the students. It is important we try to make sure the students have access to programs and apps that will help with their learning. To date, results indicate students making significant gains in their reading level due to their capacity to concentrate and focus on task.