Final news item for 2018

2018 has been a positive year for students, staff and the school community.  Our students are a wonderful group of children to teach and they have inspired us each day. We have watched the children grow and learn lots of valuable life skills.  They are learning how to care, support, play together and treat each other kindly. They are learning to be responsible and co-operative. These are valuable values and life skills. 

The teachers and students deserve to be very proud of their combined efforts and achievements. I wish to thank many people who make up our school community.

The leadership team …

Assistant Principal: Stephen Hayes and special thank you to Tandy Johnston for supporting Stephen

Leading Teachers: Michael Farrell and Michelle Lucas

Unit Leaders: Preps – Janine Tucker, Year 1/2 – Shelley Gunn, Year 3/4 – Jarrod Wait Year 5/6 Josh Darling and Specialists – Sarah van Nieukerk,

Curriculum Leaders:  Numeracy, Literacy, Welfare, ICT, STEAM, Assessment & Reporting

Class Teachers & Specialist and Support Teachers

Office Team: Teacher Aides: Integration Aides: First Aid Maintenance: Uniform Shop:  Instrumental Teachers: OSHC Staff:

To our staff:

I thank the staff for their dedication to teaching and willingness to nurture and care for the students.

School Council as the governing body of the school the School Council held responsibility for education, policy, finance, marketing, facilities, OSHC, Uniform, JSC . Thank you Adrian Higgins (President).

Thank you to the current Parent Members: Adrian Higgins (President), Gareth Taylor, David Walker, Patty Thompson, Roya Godden, Olga Craigie, Agnus Wilson, Dean Purkis

Parents:  PFA ( led by Natalie Duffy and team), Parent Helpers and Class Reps, for volunteering to help out in classrooms and specialist programs. Without you our staff would not be able to deliver our programs and support student learning.

To all our parents we congratulate you on the support you have given your children during the year. Thank you parents – for being there, being supportive at home and for putting in the effort to love, support and care for your children.  Thank you for trusting and working in ‘partnership’ with our staff over the year.

To our Student Leaders and JSC for giving a voice to the student body and running some excellent events supporting community groups in need.

School Captains 2018: – They have been excellent ambassadors of the school. Congratulations to

Macy M and Jess V and Hamish S and Oliver T

New Captains for 2019 - We welcome these new students to leadership roles.

Maegan B and Hannah B and Claudia B and Cameron L

Farewell Parents:  This year with farewell 40 families from the school. Thank you to these families for their contribution and partnership with our school.

Farewell Staff Leaving: We thank and say farewell to the following teachers who are retiring.

Julie Van Noorden + Lyndell Whiting

To our year six staff:

I wish to thank the staff who have taught year 6.  The team includes Josh Darling, Kate Petty / Nicole Ryan, Thomas Cadzow and Stephen Sankovic. As our year 6 team you have diverse skills that have blended to create a lovely balance across the area.  Additionally, I wish to thank our Specialist Staff:

Amy Cecil (Music), Sarah van Nieukerk (Physical Education), Teresa Sciola (Italian and Art), Jo Harwood (Science), Karen Koutsodontis (Cooking) and our aides Tracey Scott, Sue Arber and the generalist teachers who have taught these children over the past seven years.

This year 6’s are a fabulously talented group and great ambassadors of the school student body.  They have been a very positive influence in the life of the school this year.  We congratulate you on your positive efforts and achievements you have shared with the classes and teachers across the school.  We are proud of you and appreciate the way you value and shared learning experiences and the way you developed relationships with everyone.  You have nurtured your buddies in prep and other children throughout the school.

Knowing what a fine group of students you are, we are confident that you will be the achievers, leaders and innovators of the future.  As you move to secondary school we hope you look back fondly at your time at Eltham North.  We are sure you will achieve great things in your life and on behalf of all the staff we wish you well in the future.

Dates for 2019

Teachers return Tuesday 29 January

Wednesday 30th January = 1st day of school for year 1 to year 6.

On Wednesday the Preps 2019 come for a short ‘meet the teacher session’ during the day .

Have a safe and happy holiday.

David Foley.