Suncream protection

Sunsmart Reminder:

Five reminders …. UV levels in Victoria are high so it is important for all children to use sun protection cream. Whenever UV levels reach 3 and above, (and they are at the moment), sun protection is needed because that is when the sun can start to damage skin and eyes and lead to skin cancer.

Our reminder for the children is to use a combination of the following five sun protection measures:

1. Slip on clothing that covers as much skin as possible

2. Slop on SPF30+ broad spectrum sunscreen

3. Slap on the school wide brimmed hat that shades the head, face, neck and ears)

4. Seek shade

5. Repeat protection.  Come to school with sunscream administered, then the children can repeat and (self administer) during lunch eating time before they go out to play.

You can find out UV levels and the times sun protection is needed by looking at the SunSmart UV Alert on our front page of the school web site

and in the weather section of your daily newspaper or visit