School Review

As part of the Improvement Cycle, Victorian government schools undertake a review every four years  to provide an independent analysis of the school's performance against the goals and targets in their school strategic plan. The formal review also evaluates the school's strengths, areas for improvement and the impact of its improvement efforts.  The process ensures a thorough examination of the school’s practices and processes are undertaken as a means of building deeper knowledge of the school’s performance outcomes.

Today we commenced day one of the four day process. Following the Review Panel’s testing and validation of the school’s performance against its four-year goals and targets, the review Panel developed focus questions to guide and scope the review process. The focus questions captured those areas of the school’s practice and performance that require a more detailed investigation on the following review days.

The methodology outlines how the review will be undertaken and determines how the focus questions will be tested through fieldwork activities such as classroom observations, surveys, focus group work etc.  Two facilitating consultants, a representative of Region, two Principals, our Strategic team and School Council President are members of the panel.  We look forward to meeting with student groups, parents and teacher teams next week.