Year 4 Camp

On the eighteenth we went to camp,

I would give it a 5 star stamp.

In this poem you’ll learn some more,

About this camp in Year 4.

Well let’s start off with the Giant Swing,

It really is a massive thing.

Once you’re pulled up to the top,

You’ll never, ever want to stop.

Then zip right over to the Flying Fox,

Not as high but it can hold an ox.

So it can hold a lot of weight,

But make sure you haven’t swung after you ate.

Now don’t forget building huts,

You make it out of sticks, bark, even nuts.

Once you’re done make sure there’s no crack,

You jump inside and the water’s a whack.

What’s that noise?

Peddle peddle!

That’s a bike, no time to settle!


YAY! The pump track,

Next up is quite a toot,

Are you wearing a bathing suit?

It’s the pool, make some bombs,

But make sure you took off your thongs.

Now to end it’s name makes sense,

For it is called Kaos and you’ll get tense,

Hand cuffed to one another,

Looking out for clues together,

Thanks for reading,

Bye for now,

Will we survive in camp year five?

Simonette 4A

I felt sad to say goodbye to our family, but as soon as we did some activities, there wasn’t much time to miss them. It was so much fun flying through the air on the giant swing and the flying fox! We loved swimming, even though the pool was freezing cold, and the bike riding was exciting. We all wished we could have stayed much longer!

Freya and Zainab 4A

To me, camp isn’t about being brave and staying away from your parents, it’s about having the time to hang out with your friends and not have to do jobs around the house. Some of the best parts about the camp were the giant swing, the swimming pool and the flying fox. In the future we will be able to stay at camp longer.

Xavier 4A

Year 4 camp was fantastic. We did lots of activities and the staff were really nice.

Poppy 4A

What I liked about Year 4 camp was the giant swing, bike riding and the flying fox.

Valentino 4A

I had a really good time on the giant swing. The food wasn’t as good as my parents make, but it was okay. I enjoyed getting to know some of my friends better and I really liked the bike riding.

Rohan 4A