Prep Transition Wed 15 September

We welcome all new children to the first transition visit at Eltham North Primary School.  This will take place on Wednesday 18th September from 9.15am to 11.50am. Please arrive just after 9.00am to allow current students to get settled into their day. We will then invite you to sign  in and find their name tag.  At the end of the transition session, you are to return to the same room to sign your child out.

First Transition Day Timetable


Arrive at your designated classroom, which will have a «Group» flag out the front. Sign your child in and collect their name tag.

Staff will be available during the morning to direct you to the rooms.


An important discussion with the Principal, David Foley and Assistant Principal, Stephen Hayes regarding preparing for school will take place in our Staff Room.  Tea and coffee are provided after the discussion.  It is important you attend.

Your child will participate in a rotation of activities during the morning sessions.  They will stay with the same home group but will have different teachers taking each session. They will have fruit snack and morning tea at school.  Please send them with a small piece of fresh fruit or vegetables, a healthy snack and a water bottle in a small backpack.  Please ensure that all items are named.


Transition visit finishes. Sign out your child and collect them from their assigned classroom.  Please ensure you are prompt with picking up at 11.50am

The purpose of this first transition session is for children to become familiar with some of the activities we do at school and to meet the other children starting Foundation 2020. Children will be involved in different activities throughout the transition sessions, allowing teachers to see the children’s likes and strengths in a classroom environment. We will use this time to observe the children, noting their social and emotional needs and academic learning styles. This observation, alongside our discussions with kinder teachers and feedback from you, will assist with our classroom placement.  If you have not returned the Starting School information document which was emailed to you, please do so as soon as possible.

Please note that the transition groupings change. It is not until the final transition where you will find out your child’s classroom teacher and classmates for 2020. It is important to remember that at this stage in the year the teachers for Foundation 2020 have not been confirmed.

If you have an Educational request concerning your child’s placement, please put this in writing and send it to the Principal, David Foley before Friday 13th September, 2019.  If there are any specific children your child should NOT be placed with (e.g. cousins) let us know, but please note there is no guarantee we will be able to meet this need. NOTE TEACHER REQUESTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED



Parent Info Evening                Monday 14th October 7.00pm

Transition No. 2                       Wed 23rd October                    9.15am to 11.50am

Transition No. 3                       Thursday 7th November         9.15am to 11.50am

Transition No. 4                       Wed 20th November                9.15am to 10.30am  FINAL TRANSITION

First Day for 2020                   Wed 29th January                    15 MINUTE INTERVIEW ONLY

                                                Thursday 30th January             9.00 am – 12.50 pm

                                                Friday 31st February               9.00 am – 12.50 pm Parent Talk/Picnic Lunch

                                                Full Time  Mon – Fri                 From 2nd March

We look forward to meeting you.  Please note parking around the school at this time is very difficult. We suggest that you park at the Adventure Playground. Please do not park in the Staff Carpark.

Yours sincerely,

The Foundation Team

Eltham North Primary School