Welcome back to school

Welcome back everyone. I would like to extend a welcome to our families with whom we have had a long term association and to those who have joined our school community for the first time. A special welcome is extended to the prep children who joined our school community for the first time and to the children who have transferred into our school.


All Year 1 – 6 students commenced school today and the Preps have their first morning Thursday 1st February.

During February, Preps attend four days each week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (9.00 am – 3.30 pm) till 28 February. We have our first assembly for year 1 – 6 next Monday 5th February at 9.00 am. We look forward to introducing our new school captains: I wish them all the very best in their leadership role. We will be presenting badges to all our student leaders in the very near future.

A warm welcome is extended to all staff who returned to Eltham North Primary School. The staff has been most enthusiastic in preparing classrooms. For your information, our new classroom teachers include Rachel McGregor (year Prep), Shelley Gunn (year 1), Steph Deacon (year 5), Thomas Cadzow (year 6).

This year we are operating 26 classrooms and have a total student population today of 598 students.  Student numbers in teams are very even.  Foundation = 20, Year 1 = 22, Year 2 = 22, Year 3 = 21, Year 4 = 27, Year 5 = 29, Year 6 = 23. This year we are able to again offer a diverse range of Specialist and Support teachers to support individual student needs and the delivery of a comprehensive curriculum that is unique.