Employment Opportunities

Application information 2019 for 2020

Thank you for your interest in staffing positions at Eltham North Primary School.  We seek energetic and enthusiastic teachers to become part of our professional team.  As part of our staff team you will be expected to contribute to the friendly and cooperative nature of our school. You will also be encouraged to demonstrate your creative and innovative talents in the delivery of the school’s educational programs. 

Our school selects staff who:

  • Are able to demonstrate a sound knowledge of curriculum

  • Can clearly articulate a set of beliefs about how children best learn

  • Can successfully plan, organise and implement programs in a school that uses innovation and thinking oriented curriculum approaches to teaching and learning

  • Understand the importance of and willingly participate in professional development, professional renewal and reflection

  • Show a commitment to whole school life by participating in all school activities

Your application should persuade us that you are the best person for this job.  It does not need to be long but should help us to decide if you would easily fit into our school philosophy and learning and teaching team.  Complete Recruitment Online process:  The application should be received no later than the due date.  

As at 24 September 2019 there is a vacancy for 2020 (one year contract).

CURRENT VACANCIES =  YES = Class teacher ROL Job reference number is 1168849

We advertise on Recruitment On Line (ROL) in the DET website

Contact the School Office or David Foley (School Principal) for further information: 

Phone 9439.9639