Enrolment Process

Enrolments for 2020  open commencing March.  School tours can be arranged by phoning the office 9439 9639.

Upon enrolment, Kinder parents will receive a response letter indicating acceptance for your application.  If you are local, you have a very good chance of gaining enrolment approval for 2020.

2019 Prep's Expo Day:  Monday 1st April 2019:   9.15 am - 10.45 am

Parents tour our school 'in action',  meet the Principal, Mr David Foley and visit Prep classrooms etc Details here

2019 Prep's: Story Time: Take place in term 2 and term 3

Parents are invited to bring your kinder child for Prep Story time visits that are held in the afternoon.  You are welcome to come along to one or each of these sessions in the Prep classrooms.   Our Prep teachers will lead a ‘story book’ reading session for your Kinder children. You are welcome to come to one or more story time sessions.  We run the program in the afternoons between   2.40 – 3.25 pm. Dates include:

In 2019: Wed 2 May /  Tues 11 June /  Thur 27 June

Open Day during Education Week:  Wednesday 29 May 2019

Families are invited to visit the school anytime during the day to watch the whole school in operation.  Visit classrooms, have a cuppa with our PFA parents and enjoy a tour with our School Captains and JSC reps.

Upcoming events: Transition Mornings in 2019:

All students have full orientation / transition sessions times vary, please see emails sent out regarding specific times

The dates include:

No 1 Wednesday 18 September @ 9.15 - 12.30 pm

No 2: Wednesday 23 October @ 9.15 - 12.30 pm

No 3: Thursday 7 November @ 9.15 - 12.30 pm

No 4: Wednesday 20 November @ 9.15 - 10.45 am

In 2019,  a Parent Information Evening will be held on Monday 14 October @ 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm. The purpose of this evening is to provide information on “Preparing Your Child For School” and “School Programs” – particular reading, writing and numeracy.  Uniforms will be on display and orders taken.  If you can't attend this session, then pick up a 'pack of information' from the office.

Documentation: Parents seeking an enrolment are asked to provide the following:

The child’s birth certificate or extract of birth (original or certified copy) or passport;

School Immunisation Certificate;

The names and contact of two emergency contacts (other than the parents’ contact details);

Information related to any Family Court or intervention orders, if relevant;

The name and contact details of the family’s doctor;

Medicare number;

Details of any disability or impairment if relevant;

Details of an asthma plan or information related to allergies and anaphylaxis, if relevant;

Any other relevant information which will assist us in having a successful school start for your child.

Phone school office and speak to Donna or Karen for more information 9439 9639

20119/20 dates: 

Student Enrolment Application Form

Student Enrolment Form for  'Alternate Family' situation

Starting School Information Form ( Prep 2020 families~ new)

Department Site ~ About Transition to Primary School

Department Site ~ Supporting Your Child's Transition to School

Department Site ~ Starting Primary School

Department Site ~ Choosing and Enrolling in School

Department Site ~ Attendance

Department Site ~ Parent Participation at School

Department Site ~ Understanding School Performance

Department Site ~ Teaching & Learning (What my child is learning / Curriculum & Assessment / Homework / Digital Learning )

Department Site ~ School Mate (App for iphone and ipad devices)

DET Nursing Schools Program (for Preps 2019)

DET Nursing Program: Student Referral Form (2019)

Nursing Program Tips for children

Department Site ~ Uniforms

Department Site ~ KidsMatter  ~ (Supporting your child's well-being)


Starting school is a major milestone for you and your child, and the start of a new phase of life for you both.

This up-to-date online information will help make your child's move from kindergarten and other early childhood services to primary school as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Your child’s first years of school will be exciting and engaging and the information can help you and your child make the most of the experience.

There are handy hints and tips about your child’s school journey that are based on suggestions from other families who, like you, want the best for their children. Beginning when school goes back, parents can also subscribe to a free email that provides tips, insights and news specifically for parents with children in Prep.

You can access more department information here

Transition from kindergarten to school is an exciting yet daunting step for children and parents alike.

Here are some tips to help smooth the way for your child (and you!)

  • Encourage your child to learn their full name, address and telephone number.

  • Foster confidence by giving your child simple duties around the home, eg: setting the table teaches left, right and quantities.

  • Where practical, walk your child to and from school, using the school crossings.

  • Warn your child NOT TO ACCEPT rides from strangers.

  • Select suitable stories, radio, TV and video programs. Try to read a story with your child every day.

  • Admire the work your child does. Show an interest in your child's accounts of daily activities.

  • Teach your child to tie their shoelaces.

  • Supply easy to eat, nutritious lunches.

  • If your child wish to write their name then use Victorian Cursive Script handwriting

  • Encourage independence, by encouraging children to carry their own bags, look after their belongings and hang up their own coats and bags. All items need to be clearly named. Check regularly in case of fading or missing labels.

  • If your child brings home a playmate, please don't accept their assurance that his / her parents have approved. Please telephone the child's parent. Failing this, telephone the school.

  • Be very patient and understanding when your child comes home tired and irritable.

  • Ensure that your child has adequate rest. A tired child cannot learn effectively. Many Prep children go to bed at 7.30pm, but the need to sleep varies with each individual child.

  • Remember, the "average" child exists only in statistics. Mentally, physically and socially, children develop at quite widely different rates and, until they mature to a particular stage, certain tasks and behaviours are just not possible for them.

  • Be positive and enjoy the school experience. We do!