Junior School Council (JSC)


Our school has a vibrant and enthusiastic Junior School Council made up of elected girl and boy representatives from each year 3 - 6 class are selected for JSC. We meet regularly to discuss issues of importance to the children of our school including fundraising for social service.

This year we have held a number of very successful ‘Out of Uniform days’ to raise money for the State Schools Relief Committee’s Winter Appeal and other community supporting appeals.  Children in our JSC also learn about how meetings are conducted, discussing issues and the process of voting to make a collective decision. Members of our JSC wear a badge which informs everyone of the important role they hold in our school.

Here is detailed explanation of how JSC works

Reflections of Junior School Council :

Our Junior School Councillors have worked really hard throughout the year and we are very proud of their achievements. Members of our JSC nominated the following as their personal highlights:

The Junior School Council this year has been led by co-ordinators Emily, Lucy and Dominic with support from their administration team Talia, Zoe and Bella. In Semester 1 they worked under the guidance of Miss Alicia Groves with Kate Doherty taking over this role in Semester 2. The leadership team have found their JSC team to be reliable, helpful and creative with ideas.

  The JSC team set-up the ‘suggestion box’ system by putting a box in each classroom for students to contribute their ideas for school improvements and free dress days. They feel It gives students who don’t have a role a chance to get involved by making a suggestion for our school.

In Term 1, the JSC had the job of organising and telling the school about the new Pupil of the Week certificate competition. JSC reps from each class presented the competition to their own class. The JSC reps also made posters to advertise around the school and the competition was also announced by two JSC reps at assembly. When the competition closed, we had a meeting to vote for our favourite drawing.

In Term 2, the JSC team had two exciting days to organise and one fundraiser. One of the days, was Beanies for Brain Cancer which was suggested by a JSC. The day was announced at assembly by two JSC’s and on the day, gold coin donations were collected to support the Mark Hughes Foundation, where the money went straight into Brain Cancer research. In the end, we raised $597.75.

Also in Term 2 was PJ day. A JSC had the idea of bringing back the day as we hadn’t had it in such a long time. Once again it was announced at assembly and the JSC representatives reminded their classes several times to remember the upcoming event. Gold coin donations were collected and went straight to Diamond Valley Community Support. We raised $668.20

We also supported the Anzac Appeal. It was the JSC coordinators and administrators job to collect all the gold coin donations from around the school and sell poppies and badges by visiting classrooms. It was a big success with nearly all items sold to the students, teachers and staff.

In Term 3 we had Book Day, which the JSC team worked very hard on. It was

announced at assembly and posters were made for all around the school. The school

captains led the whole school book parade, celebrating all the costumes throughout the

school. The JSC administrators also took photos on the day.  It was a big success and

many gold coin donations were collected for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The last event for Term 3 was footy day. The day was announced at assembly, JSC’s were assigned a football team to collect gold coin donations. School Captains ran the parade.

In Term 4 the JSC team were interested in participating in a Christmas food collection for Wesley Mission Victoria. Wesley Mission have been contacted and food donation boxes should be arriving at the school shortly so that the JSC representatives can being advertising in classrooms.

Kate Doherty is working with the Year 5 students in the SLIP program and will be electing the 2016 JSC leadership team with Josh Darling’s assistance in the coming weeks. Kate has spoken with David Foley regarding assistance from a full-time staff member, ideally from the 306 area to support her run the program with greater consistency. She is also keen to work more closely with the PFA to ensure events that will impact the JSC ‘s fundraising wishes are considered in term planning. Kate also hopes to give the students some opportunities to connect with the local community, with the possibility of visiting kindergartens, retirement homes etc.



REFLECTIONS: Our Junior School Councilors have worked really hard throughout the year and we are very proud of their achievements.

Members of our JSC nominated the following as their personal highlights  The Special Days we organised, these included Football Day, Doctors and Nurses Day and Book Character Day.

Raising money for people in Uganda and meeting Ian Seal from the Indigo Foundation. Ian showed us how the money we raise is helping the students from Bwibere School in Uganda. Seeing the pictures and hearing his stories, really inspired us to do more to help the people there. As well as raising money at school, two members of our JSC put a PowerPoint together about what we have done. They went and presented to 50 adults to help another company raise money for this worthwhile cause.

Through our fundraising efforts we have donated nearly 2,000 dollars to different charities.

Helping the PFA (Parents and Friends Association) at movie night was something we all enjoyed and we would love to help the PFA do more things next year.

We all thought that Leadership Day was awesome and we learnt a lot about public speaking and being a leader.

Whole school consistency in implementing behaviour management strategies informed by:

20% of students in Level 3 and 50% of students in Level 4 will be involved in Leadership programs

Evident in classroom programs and exposure across the school community – newsletters, assembly, etc

Recent Student Voice ~ gathering the opinion of our students - Student Opinions about school

Two Junior School Councillors are elected from each Year 3-6class.  The School Captains also form part of the Junior School Council.  The group meets on a weekly basis at lunchtimes under the guidance of two classroom teachers. To equip our Junior School   Councillors with the leadership skills they need to fulfil their role   effectively, these children participate in a one hour weekly   Leadership Skills program over ten weeks, taken by our school’s social   worker. The responsibilities of our Junior School Councillors   include:

  • Presenting Student of the Week certificates at whole school assemblies
  • Acting as Tour Guides for visitors to the school on important occasions such as Open Days / Evenings and school celebrations
  • Organising fundraising events to support various charities /  special causes
  • Representing Eltham North Primary School at special ceremonies (eg.  Remembrance Day)
  • Consulting with children in own classrooms and reporting school-based concerns to the School Council.
  • Planning for the improvement of school facilities (eg. new playground equipment)