Who do you want to see Kiss-A-Croc? Your votes will decide!

As part of our Fantabulous Fun Fete, we are holding a KISS-A-CROC Competition! Your votes will decide which teacher will kiss a REAL, LIVE CROC! To vote simply place a gold coin into the tin displaying a photo of the teacher you would like to KISS-A-CROC. 

Collection tins are available at the Office. JSC will also visit classrooms to collect gold coins. 

$1 equals one vote. You may vote as many times as you like. Donations will be collected up until (and on) Fete Day. The teacher with the most money raised in their name wins! – they will KISS-A-CROC live, on stage at Assembly on Monday 7th March!

So who will it be? Ms. Van Nieukerk (Sports)? Mr. Foley (Principal)? Or Mrs. Harwood (Enviro)?

Your votes will decide!