Lucky Jar donations: Monday 29th February

On Monday 29th February, we are holding a ‘Fete Free-Dress Day’. Students may come to school in casual clothes. We would like each student to donate one Lucky Jar on this day toward the Fete.

To create a Lucky Jar, simply recycle an empty jar from home. Make sure it is clean, dry and doesn’t smell. Then fill it with fun, inexpensive goodies! It’s that easy!

Add pencils, pens, ribbons, craft items, buttons, marbles, bubbles, balloons, Footy cards, novelty erasers, nail polish, mini novelties or toys, stickers, whistles or sweet treats. You decide! (If you do include any sweet treats in your Lucky Jar donation, please ensure they are wrapped).

Each classroom will have its own collection box for Lucky Jars, so bring the jars along to class.

Thank you for your support. Have fun and be creative!