Future Projects


A team of student leaders used their public speaking skills for the Kids Teaching Kids Practically Green Kids Conference. Eltham North Primary School hosts this event in conjunctionwith Edendale Farm with support from both Nillumbik and BanyuleCouncils. Approximately 100 students from local schools will have theopportunity to learn from each other in a full day’s program based onwater and biodiversity themes. In workshops, the children work withlocal experts, guest speakers and view each others presentations,  participate in the forum and make pledges for local actions at theirschool. We are fortunate to have local providers, like: Yarra ValleyWater, Waterwatch and Edendale nursery supporting this event.

Other initiatives in the pipe line ......

* Mentor other schools who join the Sustainable Schools program

* Promote the program and sustainable practices /choices in the local community

* Partnership with Nillumbik Shire Environmental Education Programs

* Partnerships with businesses promoting sustainable practices

Installation of additional Water Tanks to support vegie garden boxes

Install tables and seating next to our to 3/4 vegie garden

Planting in the front of the school along Wattletree Road.