Healthy Fruitz

Our school is totally committed to supporting nutritional foods for all students. Here are the details.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a vital part of every child’s life.  There are many reasons to enjoy a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, including the provision of important vitamins and the prevention of disease.  In accordance with the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia, children should be encouraged to:

Eat plenty of vegetables, legumes and fruit

Eat plenty of cereals, preferably wholegrain

Include lean meat, fish, poultry

Include milk, yoghurt, cheese (reduced fat varieties should be encouraged for older children)

Choose water as a drink.

It is recommended that young children consume at least one serve of fruit and 2 serves of vegetables every day.  For optimal health, intake would be 2 and 5 serves respectively. Free Fruit Fridays provides students with one serve of either fruit of vegetables. This initiative plays an important role in creating a school culture of healthy eating and influence good food choices for young children.