Instrumental Music Program

In 2018 we offer the following to all students Year 1 - 6. Keyboard, Piano, Woodwind, Brass, Guitar, Drums and Singing.



Music Tuition

Our Program offers students the opportunity to learn an extensive range of different instruments in both individual and group lessons.  Some of these instruments include, Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Flute,  Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano and keyboard. Group lessons are of 50  minutes and individual lessons are 25 minutes. 

Keyboard Program

Our school has a thriving keyboard program with over 120 students currently enrolled. Keyboard skills, note reading and rhythm exercisers are covered throughout   By learning in a small group environment, students can interact with each other in music games and be encouraged, inspired and challenged by each together. Each student can learn at their own pace through the Encore on Keys series,  using headphones for their individual practice. Individual progress is a direct result of their particular abilities and efforts. Students also have the opportunity to perform for the class and regularly participate in ensemble work.  ANZCA and AMEB (classical and piano for leisure) exams are also offered to advanced students. 

Guitar Program

Guitar lessons offer students the chance to learn the Guitar in a group situation (3 or 4 students per class) or individual lessons can also be arranged. Group lessons are of 25 minutes duration and individual lessons are 25 minutes. Guitar tuition is conducted by a qualified music teacher / professional musician, employed by the school on behalf of parents. The tuition fee is based on a 9 week term with the last week of term used for any make up lessons that are required.

Fees (as at Term 1 2018)

Keyboard                         $171.00
Drums, Guitar, Singing   $189.00
Woodwind                      $189.00
Individual Lessons          $324.00

Instrumental Music Program Conditions. 

  1.  Fees must be paid at the commencement of each term,  fees are posted onto Compass, or you can pay via the Office.
  2.  The Instrument Program is self funded, children whose fees are not paid will be excluded from the program.  If the student is to rejoin  the program. fees for any lessons missed in the interim period, must be paid.
  3.  If classes are postponed due to teacher absence or other unavoidable circumstance credits will be allocated to the student's account, no tuition fees are credited for student absence due to illness or holidays.  Children will receive 9 lesson per term and all lessons missed (as per the conditions) will be made up in the final week of term.
  4.  One term's notice must be given if a student wishes to discontinue the program and notification by the parent, in writing,  must be received.  Instrumental Staff are employed based on the number of actual enrolments per term. 
  5. Fees are not refundable if lessons are discontinued during the term. For more information about the instrumental music program, please contact Donna Rowe in the office or email her on

Music Ensembles - Band

We have an exciting music program that offers all students to be a part of a music ensemble

Band is designed to give students the chance to  perform contemporary songs in a band situation. The band is made up of guitarists, bass player, drummer and vocalists. The group rehearse once a week, learning how to work together and to learn and perform the latest hits. The students are encouraged to learn the songs from memory so that they can concentrate on the performance side of music.  You must be enrolled in the Instrumental Program to be part of our School Band.

Singing is available for all students in years 1 to 6 who would like to learn a variety of choral repertoire from classic alto contemporary. The lessons are held once a week and when we have more than one class, we join the classes where they learn how to sing and perform in a group.

Wind Ensemble is available to all students learning a woodwind/brass instrument. The group rehearse once a week, learning a variety of repertoire and working on essential band skills whilst having fun. (not currently available due to limited interest)

Our Staff

Eltham North Primary School employs part time instrumental music staff. These specialists offer private tuition in a variety of instruments and actively direct the Music Ensembles.

Adam Roach - Drum/Guitar, Rock Band Director

Adam Roach has been teaching guitar, drums at Eltham North for the past 12 years. With 17 years of teaching experience, Adam has been playing guitar and piano for over 20 years and drums for 15 years. He regularly performs throughout the week as a soloist, duo and band work around Melbourne.  

Elisha Fulljames -  Keyboard, Piano & Woodwind

Elisha grew up in country Victoria and started playing the piano at age 7, followed by clarinet, saxophone, trumpet and flute.  After studying flute and piano with famous jazz musician Graeme Lyall for 6 years, went on to a B.Music at The University of Melbourne.

She resumed teaching after having children, focusing mainly on piano, flute and clarinet privately and in schools, and have developed a real passion for teaching children music.  Elisha has now been with Eltham North for 7 years

Karen Doyle - Keyboard and Singing

Karen joined our Instrumental Team at the commencement of Term 3 in 2016 and is thoroughly enjoying her role of Keyboard teaching and Singing. Karen comes also with a wealth of musical experience and knowledge.