Inter School Sports

Our school is affiliated with School Sport Victoria in the Nillumbik District. Equal opportunity for both girls and boys is provided and good sportsmanship and fair play through healthy competition is promoted. Interschool sport is a highlight for most students in Level 4. Football, soccer netball, bat tennis and korfball are the Winter sports and they are played in term 2. Summer sport is in Term 3 and there is the choice of bat tennis, volleyball, rounders, softball and basketball.  

The Year 6 students participate for both terms and the Year 5s have the opportunity to represent the school for Winter or Summer sports. We have weekly training on Monday and a team meeting at 12.00 every Friday.

Different captains and vice captains are chosen each week. Their role is to welcome the other school and write a sports report. These reports are read at assembly the following Monday. 

Netball is basically the same as basketball but you’re not allowed to move with the ball or bounce the ball. You have to be one metre away from your player. Netball is basically for girls but boys can play and it’s less rough. Korfball is similar to netball except some rules that are different and have numbers instead of letters E.g. GA that is Goal Attack or WD that is Wing Defence. Each time you get a goal you score one point for the team that scored. Some rules are no dribbling or bouncing the ball or moving with the ball and no accessories, plus no stepping with the ball.

At training we play a practise game and our coaches explain the rules and show children who don’t know how to play, the positions on the court. We practise every Monday for 1 hour . We have great fun and even if we might lose we will still be happy to play.

By Phoebe and Zoe

Bat Tennis

Mr Foley is our bat tennis coaches. At training we practice our serving, watch other students do demonstrations and we play each other. On game day two people are picked for scoring and we play 8 different sets of doubles. We score the same as tennis. The first pair to get to seven games wins. Everyone gets a turn at scoring, umpiring and playing.

We have great fun and we know at we are improving our skills all the time.


 is a great sport to get down and dirty and have fun with your mates. Mr Darling is a great coach but trains you very hard. In the games he rotates us and makes sure that we all get a turn. Some positions are full forward, full back, centre and wing. At training we start off doing one lap of the oval then we do hand ball and kicking drills. After that we do some long kicking and some accuracy drills. Then we do a practice game.

Footy is really fun. Boys and girls can play. You also get to meet other kids from different schools. That’s why we think that footy is the best!

By Daniel and Nic


To play soccer you need two teams made up of eleven players each. It is important not to touch the ball with your hands. If you do this the other team gets a free kick. An important position is goal keeper as they need to stop the other team’s ball getting into the back of the net.

At training we practice our skills and improve our fitness. It is a lot of fun and everyone should give it a go. 

By James

Korfball is a fun sport. The coach and he is a very good at training. It is just like netball but with different rules. It is made up of two teams A and B with eight people on each team. Numbers one to four stays on one half of the court, and five to eight on the other half. The players from the other team have the same bibs numbered one to eight.

Numbers one and one are on each other they have to stay on each other for the whole game. Every four goals you change to shoot the other way. You can’t shoot if tour opponent is standing a meter away from you with their hand up.