ICT Level 1 ~ ( Prep students )

In Level One, ICT is incorporated into the curriculum in many ways. The students are involved in a weekly ICT lab session where explicit computer skills are taught, ranging from turning a computer on and off to changing the type of font and its size to create a word document.

Within the Literacy block, Preps use software packages such as KidPix to develop fine motor skills and enhance literacy understandings. The students also read online storybooks and play literacy-based games, such as word searches and hangman. Within the Numeracy block, the whole class focus is often introduced using the Interactive Whiteboard, for example, ordering numbers. Students are presented with a jumble of numbers are they are required to use the ‘pen’ to place the numbers in their correct order. ‘Mathletics’ is used during Numeracy sessions as well as in the home. The online tasks reinforce concepts taught in the classroom. Students feel a great sense of achievement and independence when completing the online tasks.