ICT Level 2 ~ ( Year 1 & 2 students )

In Level Two, ICT is  integrated into the curriculum in a variety of ways. Students undertake  ICT in all levels of the curriculum including Literacy, Numeracy and  ICT sessions. These sessions are usually introduced with an Interactive  Whiteboard which provide for the needs of all different learning styles  within a classroom.

The students are involved in a weekly ICT  lab session where they are coached in a variety of ongoing skills,  including creating and editing pieces of work, saving and loading  documents and locating websites on the intranet and internet. During  these sessions the students have explored programs like Microsoft Word,  Comic Life and KidPix.

These programs are often  used within the Literacy Block, usually used to show the students  understanding of a text they have read. The students use digital cameras  and take photos or search for pictures that can support them to retell  the story. The students also use online resources which engage them in  interactive stories, reading comprehension games and writing activities.

In  Numeracy, students use resources like Matheletics and Rainforest Maths  to develop the concept being taught. These programs engage the student  as they cater for a wide range of levels depending on the students  needs.