ICT Level 3 ~ ( Year 3 & 4 students)

Students arelearning to produce a Podcast relating to their Integrated topic. Apodcast is like a radio show. However, instead of being broadcast live, apodcast is recorded and then distributed over the internet. Studentshave collected information on various aspects of the topic, as well asdownload images from the internet. Podcasting allows the students toinclude voice recordings and sound effects over photos and images.

Students regularly engage in Mathletics andother useful websites relating to Numeracy. In Literacy students usecomputers during reading groups (WebQuests) and writing sessions forgathering information relating to a topic. Word is used for publishingtheir writing. Many choose to use PowerPoint to present project work.

Teachersuse their interactive whiteboard to deliver content to their students.  It is used on a daily basis for such things as; modelling writing,  projecting images and texts relating to reading and/ or numeracy andviewing students PowerPoint presentations. It is an effective toolallowing students to actively participate in their learning.