ICT Level 4 ~ ( Year 5 & 6 students)

In level 4, ICT is used inmany different ways. In Literacy students use computers to searchfor information and they use different search engines to helpgather information. The students use Word for word processing daily. InNumeracy the students regularly use Mathletics and websites thatcompliment the topic modelled e.g. fractions (see below for otherexamples).

Our team uses Interwrite during Numeracysessions e.g. when teaching the topics like area and perimeter, Interwrite is used to visualise the concepts . The whiteboards are used by all teachers on a dailybasis for tasks like: view images and texts,  modelling writing, reading and/or numeracy, displaying things about ourunit of work. iTunes has been used regularly during our ‘Pop Culture’  unit to explore music over time and DVD's have been used to study moviesand changes over time. During lab session students work on iMovie andGarage Band to make Podcasts and the students also use iPod’s to create theirPodcast.