Our Library at Eltham North Primary School is a place where children are the focus.

  • Well-stocked with picture books, junior novels, novels, non-fiction and a variety of reference books
  • An environment where children enjoy reading especially in our quiet zones
  • Children learn skills to help them make the best use of the Library such as understanding that picture books have one letter, novels have three letters and non-fiction uses the Dewey Decimal System.
  • Coloured charts with non-fiction topics to help students find non-fiction books.
  • Children have input into the books we buy by adding to the “Books I would like to have in the Library”.
  • New books are available each week for the students to browse and borrow
  • Each year we welcome authors and illustrators to meet and story tell with the children so they can learn first hand about literature and illustrations. Our Prep classes and other all other classes have fun interacting with the story tellers.
  • For Book Week 2017 we plan to display an array of the latest books available for schools. The children dressed up as favourite book characters.

Children area able to use the library at lunchtimes to read books, play quiet board games and access computer workstations.


Helen Skerry is our Library Technician who is on hand to support teachers and children use our valuable resources and audio visual resources.